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Maintained by Picture of Sergey Butakov Sergey Butakov
This FREE plugin is aimed at digital plagiarism detection: it uncovers assignments copied from peers at the same institution. The module is language independent. Maintainer: Sergey Butakov More information:
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Block is based on document fingerprinting technologies for pair-wise document comparison.

Please note that as of August 01, 2012 the block does not perform global / Internet search due to monetization of Bing search engine API.


A distinctive feature of this plug-in is that all local checkups are happening on your Moodle server without sending any documents outside. Thus, in contrast to other available solutions, the plug-in does not impose any issues related to student intellectual property protection. 


This module is the successor of  Crot for Moodle block: This version is tailored for the plagiarism API in Moodle 2.x.

This is standalone module that doesn't require a connection to the external plagiarism detection service. 

Maintainers: Sergey Butakov, Svetlana Kim

More information:


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Picture of Sergey Butakov
Sergey Butakov (Lead maintainer)
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