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Adapter to embed Studierplatz learning environments into Moodle.
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The Studierplatz2000-Module enables the teacher to embed a Studierplatz(-Environment) into Moodle so that it can benefit from

  • storing / restoring user data
  • evaluate using statistics
  • user administration / access restriction

Studierplatz(2000) is a web based learning-environment, that can be used standalone offline within a browser. Additionally it can be
connected to a (backend) webserver (or similar), that stores the the user data centralised and allows evaluation/export of the collected data.
This Studierplatz2000-Module is a kind of adaptor to use Moodle as such a backend.

Further information about Studierplatz can be found under

Working examples (but still Moodle 1.9 and in german language) can be visited under

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The software to compile a Studierplatz is (still) not free downloadable but can be easily free obtained for noncomercial uses.
(see or send an email to


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