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Silverlight Smooth Streaming media embed filter for Moodle 2.x. To be used with IIS Smooth Streaming server.
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Silverlight Smooth Streaming media embed filter for Moodle 2.x
To be used with IIS Smooth Streaming server.

* Navigate to your Moodle root directory
* Navigate to /filters subdirectory
* Create subdirectory 'silverlight'
* Copy files to that subdirectory, so that path to, e.g. filter.php, is
* Login to Moodle as admin, visit Notifications page
* Install the plugin as prompted
* Define settings for the plugin and save
* Enable the filter under Site admin > Plugins > Filters > Manage filters


You can find the settings under
Site administration > Plugins > Filters > Silverlight video embed filter

* Player width
* Player height
* Allowed URL prefix - (optional) you can define a substring which URLs
  should start with (this is meant to match the base URL of your video server)
* Substitute URL - (optional) if URL is not allowed, show video from this URL instead


Create a link to a .ism/.isml URL:
* <a href="">Silverlight video .ism</a>
* <a href="">Silverlight video .isml</a>

"/Manifest" will be added to the URL automatically.

Silverlight player

Silverlight smooth streaming media player is copyright © Microsoft Corporation
The player file is SmoothStreamingPlayer.xap (included with the filter)
The latest version of the player can be downloaded from:

Development information
Developed by Kirill Astashov, NetSpot Pty Ltd, Australia.

Funded by Northern Territory Department of Education and Children's Services, Australia.

Inspired by


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Picture of Kirill Astashov
Kirill Astashov (Lead maintainer)
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  • MD shot of me from his iphone4
    Thu, May 16, 2013, 11:08 AM
    Thanks Kirill, this works great here (on 2.5 smile )
    Please consider the validation warnings @

    The one about README.txt should be addressed before sharing this.

    I've added a Bug tracker url based on your github link. If that's not what you want do feel free to change it.
  • Anthony Borrow
    Wed, May 22, 2013, 12:40 PM
    Kirill - Thanks for sharing this plugin with the Moodle community. I have tested it and it installs and functions as expected. When you get a chance, please add a documentation url to the Useful links section. Peace - Anthony
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