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Database presets: Infomap (plugin version)

Preset to use datafield_latlongmap (a modified version of the latlong field) to enable use of the local_map geographical map API.
Maintained by: Picture of Dave Balch Dave Balch
for Moodle
2.5, 2.6


This plugin is part of set Maps. Plugins from the set work the best when installed together.

Example preset for how to use the datafield_latlongmap field with the database list view.

Map-enabled version of the Database activity latlong field (example at

Needs plugins local_map for map API, and datafield_latlongmap for a latlong field that supports maps.

This is being built against Moodle 2.6+, but should work for at least 2.5.

If you're familiar with Git and can set up a test Moodle, the easiest way to try is to clone it from GitHub:

This is a plugin version to help people unfamiliar with Git to try it; I'd like to get it included in core (MDL-42522).




Picture of Dave Balch
Dave Balch (Lead maintainer)
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