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This free block allows students to search for, view, and apply to thousands of internships, part-time jobs, and entry-level positions, and also provides expanded and diversified on-campus job search and career development options.
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Welcome to the Internships block! 
Moodlerooms has partnered with to give students the edge they need to get a head start in the workplace. With this free block, students can do the following from inside their Moodle course:

  • Access the largest marketplace for internships, part-time jobs and entry-level positions looking to hire college students and recent graduates.
  • Utilize expanded and diversified on-campus job search and career development options.
  • Search internships, view listings, and apply.

The Moodlerooms Framework must be installed prior to installing the Internships block. The open source version of the Moodlerooms framework and manual can be found here: No additional configuration is required after installing the Framework.

Post-Installation Instructions
The following guides contain step-by-step instructions on enabling, adding, and configuring the Internships block in Joule 2 after you install it.

  1. Enabling the block

  2. Adding the block

  3. Configuring the block

Recommended Themes
This block is compatible with all Moodle Themes. However, we recommend the following standard themes for the best visual integration with the block:

  • Arialist
  • Binarius
  • Brick
  • Magazine
  • Sky High


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