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Adaptation of the standard Moodle block "My Private Files" to support the loading of state files generated by EJS simulations from their corresponding EJSApp activity.
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EJSApp is a module that supports the deployment of EJS simulations, that usually correspond to virtual and/or remote labs, into Moodle.

EJSApp "Private Files" Browser

This block enriches EJSApp by supporting the cloud storage of state files (i. e., data of an EJS simulation can be stored online on the Moodle server). In particular, it provides a browser to navigate through the user's EJS files. Moreover, it connects the state files to the their corresponding EJS simulation (i.e., when the user clicks on a state file in the browser, the EJS simulation that generated it is automatically loaded in Moodle and updated to the state).  

This feature enables a number of valuable functionalities. For instance, the intermediate running states of a lab may be stored. So, a student may start lab practice in a given computer, and later, using any other computer in any other place, take up the practice. Another additional functionality is the possibility to save and load files with experiments that run automatically. This block also includes a little AJAX feature that let users to refresh their EJSApp private files block without refreshing the entire page.

Tutorial Videos

Guide to install and use EJSApp and EJSApp File Browser


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