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Maintained by Cristina Fernández Sampayo
The Analytics and Recommendations block is a tool for students and teachers. It visually shows the student participation in each course activity and it shows recommendations for students about what activities they should work to improve their final grade.
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Analytics and Recommendations block uses charts and tables which are colour coded so students can quickly see they participation.
Students can see single analytics about their participation in the course. Teachers can see single, comparative analytics and global analytics (all students together) too.
Morover, the block shows recommendations for students about what activities they should work to improve their final grade. It shows too a estimate final grade according with a reference course.

The Analytics and Recommendations block was created as Final Degree Project of Cristina Fernández Sampayo. It was directed by Dr. Florentino Fdez-Riverola and Dr. Miguel Reboiro-Jato.


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Cristina Fernández Sampayo (Lead maintainer)
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