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Administration tool ::: tool_lpimportcsv
Maintained by Me!Damyon Wiese
This admin tool allows import/export of competency frameworks using a comma separated value file (CSV). This imports and exports all data contained in the competency framework including related competencies, and any configured competency rules.
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This admin tool allows import/export of competency frameworks using a comma separated value file (CSV). This is useful to move competency frameworks between Moodle sites - or to import new competency frameworks - by first mapping all the fields to match the CSV format used by this plugin. 

Please don't try and install this plugin on Moodle 3.2 or later because it is already included with Moodle core.


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Damyon Wiese (Lead maintainer)
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  • David Mudrák
    ພະຫັດ, 26 ພ.ພ. 2016, 5:13 ໂມງເຊົ້າ

    Thanks Damyon for sharing the plugin with the Moodle community. I was able to successfully test the basic functionality and did not notice any issues with the code that would block the approval here (not that I would expect them ກະພິບຕາ). I was checking the input data sanitization and it seems to be processed well in the framework_importer class. The raised coding style issues look like easy to fix things and at least replacing var with proper visibility scope identifiers public could make it in the next update (folks tend to see plugins submitted by HQ members as referential ones).

    I am happy to approve this now. You are cleared to land, welcome to the Plugins directory.

  • Natalie Denmeade
    ອາທິດ, 5 ມິ.ຖ. 2016, 12:56 ໂມງແລງ
    I am trying to import a Competency framework to Moodle Cloud and came across this plugin. Does this mean I can only use the import function on a self-hosted Moodle Site where I can install this plugin? (not Moodle Cloud for Schools)
  • Xanthe Lawson
    ອັງຄານ, 27 ກ.ຍ. 2016, 1:20 ໂມງແລງ
    Hi Daymo, thanks for your work on this plugin. We are experimenting with it and just wanted to confirm whether you can only import one framework at a time. I've tried importing a CSV file with several frameworks, but it's only creating one of them in Moodle. Is this correct behaviour?
  • Me!
    ສຸກ, 30 ກ.ຍ. 2016, 1:34 ໂມງແລງ
    Hi Xanthe, yes this plugin will only import/export one framework at a time.
  • Helen Foster
    ອັງຄານ, 11 ຕ.ລ. 2016, 10:40 ໂມງແລງ
    Hi Natalie, it is indeed the case that you can currently only use this import tool on a site where you can install plugins. However, the good news is that the Import competency framework admin tool will be included as standard in Moodle 3.2 (MDL-55767), and your MoodleCloud site is likely to be upgraded very soon after release. ຍິ້ມ
  • Chad Frerichs
    ອັງຄານ, 29 ພ.ຈ. 2016, 12:18 ໂມງເຊົ້າ
    Is there a description of the required CSV format for this upload?
  • Me!
    ອັງຄານ, 29 ພ.ຈ. 2016, 4:06 ໂມງແລງ
    I describe the format here - but the best thing to do is create a framework in moodle and export it to see the format.
  • Me!
    ສຸກ, 9 ທ.ວ. 2016, 9:12 ໂມງເຊົ້າ
    Please don't try and install this plugin on Moodle 3.2 or later because it is already included with Moodle core.
  • Shawn Bullivant
    ເສົາ, 7 ມ.ກ. 2017, 4:45 ໂມງເຊົ້າ
    I have installed the plugin however get an error of "File format error"
    I simply have 3 columns in a spreadsheet and have saved as a CSV file to upload.
    Any help would be appreciated
  • Boris Malysh
    ເສົາ, 11 ມ.ນ. 2017, 4:35 ໂມງແລງ
    Hello everybody, I have the same issue as Shawn Bullivant. Except that I haven't intalled the plugin since it's already in the core (I'm using moodle 3.2). Below I'll describe the process, hoping it would help identify the root of the problem:

    1 - So, I made this csv file looking like that:
    Parent ID number;ID number;Short name;Description;Description format;Scale values;Scale configuration;Rule type;Rule outcome;Rule config (optional);Cross-referenced competency ID numbers;Exported ID (optional);Is framework;Taxonomy

    Only the first four columns have data. All the others (beginning with "Description format") are empty since I don't know how to fill them.

    2 - Then I drop the file into the box on the "Import competency framework" page;
    I set
    CSV delimiter - ;
    Encoding - UTF-8

    3 - As I hit the "Import button", I see the following:

    Confirm the column mappings
    Parent ID number - Parent ID number
    ID number - ID number
    Short name - Short name
    Description - Description
    Description format - Description format
    Scale values - Scale values
    Scale configuration - Scale configuration
    Rule type (optional) - Rule type (optional)
    Rule outcome (optional) - Rule outcome (optional)
    Rule config (optional) - Rule config (optional)
    Cross-referenced competency ID numbers - Cross-referenced competency ID numbers
    Exported ID (optional) - Exported ID (optional)
    Is framework - Is framework
    Taxonomy - Taxonomy

    4 - When I hit "Confirm", I'm taken back to the "Import competency framework" showing the message "File format is invalid."

    I would add all the competencies manually, but there are over 1000 of them.
    I do really need help with this import. So, any suggestions are apreciated.
  • Krisha Moeller
    ອັງຄານ, 28 ພ.ຈ. 2017, 7:01 ໂມງເຊົ້າ
    Oh geez. I went to install this plugin from the version listed as the most recent version here (not realizing it was already installed in the most recent version of moodle), and it turns out the version found here is a "downgrade." Unfortunately, now I'm trapped in a loop where I can't cancel the downgrade, it forces me to try to install it, and then it give me an error message, and then forces me to try to install it again. I can't get anywhere else on my Moodle site until this issue is resolved. I've tried "looking for most recent version," but still nothing. Please help!
  • Me!
    ອັງຄານ, 28 ພ.ຈ. 2017, 9:43 ໂມງເຊົ້າ
    Hi Krisha, you should be able to restore the latest version of this plugin by unzipping the backup that was made in [moodledata]/temp/core_plugin/code_manager/archive/tool_lpimportcsv/[number].zip to [moodleroot]/admin/tool/importcsv.
  • Imen Bounguicha
    ພຸດ, 16 ພ.ພ. 2018, 12:25 ໂມງເຊົ້າ
    Hi, can you please help me to add a columns mappings ,I like to add linked courses to every competecies thanks ຍິ້ມ
  • Ahmad Azaizeh
    ພຸດ, 17 ຕ.ລ. 2018, 1:30 ໂມງແລງ
    Hi all,

    Please, Can anyone explain or provide me with resources that explain what do the following optional fields mean?

    1. Rule type
    2 . Rule outcome
    3. Rule config
    4. Cross-referenced competency
    5. Exported
  • Jorge Gutierrez
    ພະຫັດ, 13 ສ.ຫ. 2020, 7:19 ໂມງເຊົ້າ
    Buena tarde, quisiera saber si es seguro instalar esta extensión en una versión de moodle superior a 3.7 o 3.8? gracias
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