Workplace certificate manager

Admin tools ::: tool_certificate
Maintained by Marina Glancy, Mikel Martín Corrales, Emilio Lozano, Rafael Lechugo
Design, issue and verify digital certificates. This plugin is fully compatible with Moodle LMS.

Workplace certificate manager 3.11.2

Moodle 3.9, 3.10, 3.11
Released: Monday, August 2, 2021, 6:20 PM


3.11.1 (2021072000)


  • Shared image types are now limited to "web_image". Non "web_image" images previously uploaded did not work properly.

3.11 (2021060800)


  • Compatibility with Moodle 3.9 - 3.11

3.10.4 (2021051100)


  • New index allowing to search for certificates quicker
  • Fixes to coding style to make new version of codechecker happy

3.10.1+ (2021020800)


  • Small UI changes in forms displaying metric system
  • Viewing and previewing certificates now open a new browser tab

3.10.1 (2021011900)


  • Fixed issue when moving/deleting categories that contained certificates. All pages/elements and issued certificates are now handled correctly
  • Fixed issue when generating certificate codes with firstname/lastname with non-latin characters. All non-latin characters are now converted for the code.

3.10+ (2020121700)


  • Fixed a bug in how a 'Text area' course custom field is handled in the certificate templates
  • Fixed occasional double modal popups when editing templates
  • Small visual fixes in the template editing UI

Previous versions

Changelog was not maintained before version 3.10

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Moodle 3.9, Moodle 3.10, Moodle 3.11
  • Latest release for Moodle 3.9
  • Latest release for Moodle 3.10
  • Latest release for Moodle 3.11

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