Blocks: Checklist

Maintained by DavoDavo Smith
This is a block which works with the checklist module and displays progress bars for a single checklist.
Mary Cooch
Mary Cooch
Sunday, September 11, 2016, 9:59 PM
General comments

The Checklist block works with the Checklist activity module to provide a quick way for teachers and students to track progress in a whole course or sections of a course. It is a well established and popular block that has been adopted, along with the Checklist activity, as one of the add-ons available with Moodle for School packages.

It relies on the Checklist activity being installed as well and once a checklist has been added, the block can be included in the normal way from the Add block dropdown with editing turned on.

The block can display one checklist or an overview of available checklists. A student will then see their progress in each one and can click one to see more detailed information from the checklist activity.

Checklist overview


The block is very easily installed by an administrator directly from the Install plugins link in Site administration, but it will not work without the Checklist activity plugin also being installed.

A teacher can add the block in the usual way and as long as checklist activities have been set up, the only configuration required is to decide whether to show one checklist or an overview of them all. If one checklist is selected, the teacher sees progress bars for each student and can filter by group.

Checklist block teacher view

The block is extremely intuitive but nonetheless benefits from the documentation and screencasts available for the checklist activity in the Checklist quick guide.