Media Capture

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Maintained by Ankit Gupta
Repository plugin to record audio/video content.

Media Capture 2.3 (Build: 2012062500)

Moodle 2.3
Released: Thursday, August 30, 2012, 11:29 AM
Mediacapture plugin

This is a Moodle repository plugin for recording media directly using the filepicker. The plugin currently comes with 3 recorders built in viz Nanogong (Java Audio recorder), Red5Recorder (Flash Red5 Video recorder) and Flash Audio Recorder.
The plugin automatically selects the appropriate recorder to display according to client configurations in the Auto detect mode. In the manual mode you can select from a list of available compatible recorders.

If you are looking to make a recorder for mediacapture. Please follow :

About the recorders
Nanogong is a Java applet to record and playback the recorded audio stream.
More about Nanogong project :

Red5 Recorder is a Open Source Red5 video flex recorder and player.
More about Red5 Recoder project :

Steps to activate red5recorder :
1. Copy red5recorder-app within {repository_mediacapture}/recorders/red5recorder/assets/ to your {RED5_HOME}/webapps/
2. Rename it to red5recorder.
3. Restart red5.
4. Enable the recorder from within admin settings of Mediacapture and set the rtmp server IP if it is different from (localhost)

Steps to install and run red5 :
1. Download the v0.9.1 (red5 recorder is not supported in higher versions) of the installation from
2. Follow the instructions below :
2.1 Windows
2.1.1 Installation is straightforward double-click the red5-0.9.1.exe
2.1.2 Set IP as (or a static ip as desired) and HTTP port as 5080
on prompt.
2.2 Linux
2.2.1 Red5 installation instructions for linux can be found on this Moodle
doc :
2.2.2 Set IP as (or a static ip as desired) and HTTP port as
5080 in the {RED5_HOME}/conf/ (default should be set).
3. Restart server.

Flash Audio Recorder
A flash audio recorder (no streaming server required). Requires Flash Player 10.1 or above.
More about Flash Audio Recorder :

Moodle 2.3 onward

- Copy to MOODLEROOT/repository/
- Trigger moodle upgrade script
- Enable the plugin from Site administration -> Plugins -> Repositories -> Manage Repositories

2012 Ankit Gupta

GPL v3 or later

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2.3 (Build: 2012062500)
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Moodle 2.3
  • Latest release for Moodle 2.3

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