CBM Grade Summary

Quiz reports ::: quiz_cbmgrades
Maintained by argmTony Gardner-Medwin
Quiz Report Plugin showing the appropriate scores when CBM Behaviour has been selected.

CBM Grade Summary 2.5.02

Moodle 2.3, 2.4, 2.5
Released: Friday, August 29, 2014, 3:36 AM
CBM Grades Readme.txt file
Tony Gardner-Medwin (a.gardner-medwin@ucl.ac.uk)
v 2.5.02 (23 Aug 2014) for Moodle 2.3-2.5

This plugin directory ('cbmgrades') belongs in /moodle/mod/quiz/report .
It displays scores appropriate for interpreting performance when using CBM.
It optionally displays responses for individual questions.
Scores can be based either on the whole quiz or on just those questions which the student has chosen to respond to. The latter is appropriate when a student uses the quiz for self-testing, choosing which Qs s/he wishes to work with.

The original plugin (v.1.2) was written for the CBM behaviours modified in Moodle 2.6 and also works with
CBM in core Moodle in Moodle 2.3+. It is compatible with the patches available at
to improve CBM behaviour in Moodle 2.3+, but is not essential with these.

Please report any issues to me Tony Gardner-Medwin (a.gardner-medwin@ucl.ac.uk)

23/11/2013 (v. 1.1.0) A help Icon linking to Moodle Docs was added
29/11/2013 (v. 1.2.0) Code to calculate accuracy involving partially correct answers improved (in cbmgrades_table.php)
required addidng rawfraction to $lateststeps :
function load_question_latest_steps(qubaid_condition $qubaids) added (code from Tim Hunt)
11/8/2014 (v.2.6.0) Version name is now related to the Moodle version it is for.
Corrects a freeze caused if user tried to sort the report by special CBM scores in 1.4
Now includes a column showing the total accumulated CBM marks.
Clarifies which result columns are based on just those Qs the student has chosen, when this is selected
18/8/14 (v2.6.01) In CBM Grades report:
Adds time columns in place of State column
Shows CB Grade (CB accuracy * Quiz maxgrade) as well as Moodle Grade (Marks scaled to maxgrade)
Only shows CB Bonus, CB Accuracy if CBM was used in the attempt
Shows total marks even for an incomplete attempt
23/8/14 Minor correction affecting partially correct items in case people use this Plugin without the
code modifications at tmedwin.net/cbm/moodle/download
NB This plugin is now required for Moodle 2.3-2.5, slightly different from that for 2.6.
TGM 23/8/2014

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Moodle 2.3, Moodle 2.4, Moodle 2.5
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  • Latest release for Moodle 2.5

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