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Short answer question type in which the teacher can easily build 2D/3D structures in Marvin Sketch and display in Marvin View. Requires Marvin Applets from Chemaxon.
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This software is no longer maintained and has been superseded by the OpenOChem LTI Assessment System.

The 2D/3D Structure Display short answer question type is a short answer
question with MarvinSketch for building question content and MarvinView for
displaying question content. Anything that you can construct in MarvinSketch
can be easily used in short answer questions.
You can ask questions such as;
  • Are the two chlorine groups in the following structure cis or trans?
  • What is the name of the following reaction?
  • Does this structure have R or S absolute stereochemistry?


  • Interactive - students can rotate molecules in 3D.
  • instructor builds molecules and reactions with simple editor (Marvin Sketch)
  • Different display options include line bond, normal (Lewis structure like) and 3D Ball and Stick.
  • Structures can be optimized in 2D and 3D before display.


This plugin adopts the same license that Moodle does.  The Marvin Applets are free for academic purposes.


This plugin was developed at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP).  Neither IUP or Carl LeBlond are affiliated with Chemaxon.


This plugin requires Marvin Applets from Chemaxon which can be downloaded here.  Download the full package and install it at your web servers root directory.


Example questions are provided as a Moodle xml file in the examples folder. (coming soon)


This plugin is part of set EasyOChem.


Screenshot #0
Screenshot #1


Picture of Carl LeBlond
Carl LeBlond (Lead maintainer)
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