Activities: AutoView Presenter

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Lecture capture system, supporting synchronised slides and subtitles with a web editing interface.

AutoView Presenter 2011092101

Release notes

AutoView Moodle Module

This module has been written by EuroMotor-AutoTrain LLP and is provided under the GPL v2 licence (please see gpl.txt). Feel free to make use of this code under the terms of the GPL v2 licence, but please leave our copyright notices in place for whole files, or provide a suitable attribution if you use significant portions of the code, we have tried to do the same where third party code has been included with AutoView.

If you wish to use this module code under an alternative licence, please contact us via to discuss your requirements.


To install this module into you Moodle server just place the autoview directory created by unzipping this download into your moodle/mod directory and then point your browser at /admin on your Moodle server, or click the notifications link in the 'Site Admin' menu.

Important : If you are upgrading from a version of Autoview prior to 2008042301, you should now remove the autoview.php language file from your moodle lang directory. Language strings are now included in the module directory.

This module also requires the following extras which may not be part of the default PHP
installation on your system :

1) XSL support. The default source downloads for PHP 4 and PHP 5 both have XSLT support bundled with them, but the libraries are different and may not be enabled by default. The AutoView module should support XSLT under both PHP 4 and 5 and you should consult the PHP documentation for more information on enabling this. The module will NOT work without the XSLT functions.

For PHP 5 look for the following option on the PHP info page :


Windows users should look at for a note on enabling XSL in PHP 5.

For PHP 4 your installation will probably need to have been compiled with the following options (In Moodle you can check this on the PHP info page in the server section of the admin functions) :

-enable-xslt --with-xslt-sablot=

for the Sablotron based XSL methods OR

--with-dom= --with-dom-xslt=

For the libxslt based methods.

Windows users with PHP 4 should have a look at the Win32 note on for information on enabling XSLT support.

Note : For all three options you should also find a section further down the the phpinfo() page which mentions xslt or sablotron. It is not uncommon for binary distributions of PHP (particularly RPM's and DEB's for linux) to compile PHP with the full set of options and then spilt up the binary into several separate packages. In these cases the compile options may still show on the phpinfo() page, but the later xsl/sablotron section will be missing. You need to look for the xml/xslt support packages, eg on CentOS make sure the php-xml rpm is installed.

2nd Note : We have come across cases where PHP installations appear to have the 'wrong' options for XSL support installed (eg PHP 5 claiming --with-dom= --with-dom-xslt=). This shouldn't matter, the module detects XSL support on the basis of the methods present, not the PHP version, so as long as you have one of the 3 supported methods it should work.

2) You will require either curl or pecl_http support to link to an on line document converter. If you do not intend to use a document conversion service, you should not need to install this. curl is now the prefered method of communicating with a conversion service. Look for the following option on the PHP info page to confirm that curl support is installed:


If you prefer the pecl_http extension, this can be obtained from You may be able to install the extension automatically using the 'pecl' programme in the php bin directory On our linux/apache server, the following worked very nicely :

/path/to/php/bin/pecl install pecl_http


PHP 4 is no longer supported by AutoView, some functions may no longer work on servers with PHP 4.

PHP 4 is considered obsolete by and no longer receives vital security updates, so if you are still using PHP 4, you should upgrade as a matter of urgency.

HTML 5 Video Support

Support is now included, but due to HTML 5 being a draft spec which has not yet been fully implemented by browser manufacturers, it is disabled by default. Because of this, HTML 5 video in AutoView is not yet considered fully stable and should only be used
for testing purposes.

To enable HTML 5 videos, go to the Moodle module config page and enter the following into the JavaScript calls box on a new line:


Moodle 1.9

Version information

Version build number
Can be updated to
MD5 Sum
Supported software
Moodle 1.9, PHP 5.2
  • The more recent release 2015050401 exists for Moodle 1.9

Default installation instructions for plugins of the type Activities

  1. Make sure you have all the required versions.
  2. Download and unpack the module.
  3. Place the folder (eg "assignment") in the "mod" subdirectory.
  4. Visit to finish the installation