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This is a new version (v3) of what used to be MoodLL. Basically, this replaces the traditional cassette tape language lab. There is a module for students to record themselves and teachers to review and grade the work. This version also includes a class monitor. So, if a teacher uses it inside the classroom, he/she can monitor student progress the same way they used the traditional language lab by listening to live streams of the students, responding live to students, giving a thumbs up and so on.

OWLL oohoo Web-based Language Lab (formerly MoodLL) 3.1.1 (Build: 2013112500)

Release notes

---------------------------- OOHOO OWLL LANGUAGE LAB ---------------------------


This module is an audio recording module to replace traditional language labs.
It's goal is to offer a high quality system that is affordable.


Obviously, you will need a functional version of Moodle 2.x.x, full access to
the root folder and admin rights within your Moodle installation.

You will need a Red5 Server. We suggest version 8 or above. Red5 can be
downloaded at the following site:
Select the proper version for your OS. Once installed you will need to install
ofla demo. Follow the instructions from Red5.

Once you have Red5 installed, either write down the IP address of your server
or get a FQDN. You will need it in order for Red5 to work.
NOTE: Using localhost will NOT work.


1. copy the folder renamed "languagelab" into the moodle/mod folder.
2. Login to Moodle with admin rights.
3. In the Site Administration block, click on Notifications. This will
setup the database tables for the languagelab module
4. In the settings block, select Site administration -> Plugins ->
Activities Modules -> Manage activities -> Language lab -> settings
6. Enter the needed parameters to configure the plugin

Also Remember, you cannot use localhost, even if Red5 is installed on
the same physical server as Moodle.

Your done. Go into a course, turn editing on and add a language lab activity.


For more informations, please go to the online documentation =>

Moodle 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5

Version information

Version build number
Version release name
3.1.1 (Build: 2013112500)
Can be updated from
3.0.7 (Build: 2013071800) (2013071800), 3.0.8 (Build: 2013072400) (2013072400), 3.0.9 (Build: 2013093000) (2013093000), 3.1.0 (Build: 2013110400), 3.1.0 (Build: 2013110400) (2013110400)
Can be updated to
3.1.2 (Build: 2013112600) (2013112600), 3.1.4 (Build: 2014020300) (2014020300), 3.1.5 (Build: 2014022501) (2014022501), 3.1.7 (Build: 2014071700) (2014071700), 3.1.8 (Build: 2014091600) (2014091600), 3.1.9 (Build: 2014091900) (2014091900), 3.2.0 (Build: 2014101700) (2014101700), 3.2.1 (Build: 2014112600) (2014112600)
Stable version
MD5 Sum
Supported software
Moodle 2.1, Moodle 2.0, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, Moodle 2.2, Moodle 2.3, Moodle 2.4, Moodle 2.5

Version control information

Version control system (VCS)
VCS repository URL

Default installation instructions for plugins of the type Activities

  1. Make sure you have all the required versions.
  2. Download and unpack the module.
  3. Place the folder (eg "assignment") in the "mod" subdirectory.
  4. Visit to finish the installation