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Maintained by Oleg Sychev
Correct Writing question type are focused on the learning grammar of the new language. It can found various mistakes in student's response and give mistake messages and hints.

Correct writing Correct Writing 2.5

Moodle 2.5
Released: Friday, July 26, 2013, 5:23 AM
A CorrectWriting 2.5 release is a small improvment over CorrectWriting 2.4. It is follow up Moodle 2.5 question editing usability improvments.

Main features of the new release:
# interactive behaviour now support all special CorrectWriting hints - Oleg Sychev
# more languages - and setting for language visibility in the block settings - Dmitriy Mamontov
# editing form usability and validation improvments - Oleg Sychev & Dmitriy Mamontov
# improved numbers equivalence in the C/C++ languages - 2E+3 and 2000 would be considered equivalent now - Dmitriy Mamontov

Please report any bugs to the maintainer or on , setting component as "WritingCompetently".

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Correct Writing 2.5
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Correct Writing 2.4 (2013012900)
Can be updated to
Correct Writing 2.6 Release (2014071000), Correct Writing 2.6.1 Release (2014120200), Correct Writing 2.8 (2015070200), Correct Writing 2.8.1 (2015071000), Correct Writing 3.0 (2016120500)
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Moodle 2.5
  • Latest release for Moodle 2.5

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