Authentication: Autoenrol cohort

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This Authentication plugin automatically assigns users into cohorts based on information in their user profile fields.

Autoenrol cohort 1.1

Release notes

Autoenrol cohort authentication plugin for moodle 2.x

This authentication plugin automatically enrol users into cohorts.

Cohort name depends on user profile field.

Cohorts are created in CONTEXT_SYSTEM.


  • Download the archive and extract the files, or clone the repository from GitHub
  • Copy the 'mcae' folder into your_moodle/auth
  • Visit Site administration - Notifications page and follow the instructions

If you use an Email based self registration or similar plugin and users enrolls into cohort after second login copy/paste this code into moodle/themes/your_theme/layout/general.php (or default.php)

> NOTE: Enable and configure mcae plugin first!


global $SESSION, $USER;

if ($USER->id != 0) { // Only for autenticated users
    $mcae = get_auth_plugin('mcae'); //Get mcae plugin

    if (isset($SESSION->mcautoenrolled)) {
        if (!$SESSION->mcautoenrolled) {
            $mcae->user_authenticated_hook($USER,$USER->username,""); //Autoenrol if mcautoenrolled FALSE
    } else {
        $mcae->user_authenticated_hook($USER,$USER->username,""); //Autoenrol if mcautoenrolled NOT SET



  • Replace the your_moodle/auth/mcae folder with new one
  • Visit Site administration - Notifications page and follow the instructions


Template for cohort name

1 template per line.

In the template you may use any characters (except '%') and profile field values. To insert a profile field value, use '%' sign and name of the field (%lastname, %firstname, etc). Custom profile fields have two templates: %profile_field_name and %profile_field_raw_name. It's useful with fields like 'menu of choices': * %profile_field_raw_name - number of the selected value * %profile_field_name - selected value

An email field have 3 variants: * %email - full email * %email_username - only username * %email_domain - only domain

Note: Profile field templates is case sensitive. %username and %UserName are two different fields!

Custom profile field types:

'Textarea' type have only 'raw' variant. All HTML tags is removed.

'Text input' returns the same value in both variants

Checkboxes returns 1 or 0 in both variants.

Date/time fields returns unix timestamp

Split arguments:

Usage: %split(fieldname|delimiter)

Returns multiple cohorts, each of which is formed by splitting field on boundaries formed by the delimiter.


  • fieldname - Profile field name with '%' sign.
  • delimiter - The boundary string. 1 - 5 signs.


User John set custom profile field "Known languages" to "English, Spanish, Chinese"

Main template contains string "Language - %split(%knownlanguage|, )"

John will be enrolled in 3 cohorts: Language - English, Language - Spanish and Language - Chinese

Replace empty field

If profile field is empty then it's replaced with this value.

Replacement array

You can change the cohort name after it's generation.

1 replacement per line, format - old value|new value

very long cohort name|shortname


Unenrol users from cohorts after profile change.

To use an unenrol feature:

  • Go to Plugins - Authentication - Autoenrol cohort and enable unenrol function
  • Go to yourmoodle/auth/mcae/convert.php and convert cohorts you want to "auth_mcae".

Convert only cohorts that are created by the "auth_mcae" module!

At yourmoodle/auth/mcae/convert.php page you may view, delete or convert cohorts into "manual" or "auth_mcae" mode.

Ignore users

List of users to ignore. Comma separated usernames.


Usage example

You have a custom profile fields "status" (student, teacher or admin) and "course".

You wnat to enrol many users into cohorts like "course - status" than enrol cohorts into courses.

At configuration page set:

Main template to %profile_field_course - %profile_field_status

Empty field text to 'none'


  • When 1st course student logins, he enrol to cohort named "1 - student"
  • When 1st course teacher logins, he enrol to cohort named "1 - teacher"
  • When admin logins, he enrol to cohort named "none - admin" (Course not set, status - admin)

To rename "none - admin" cohort to "Administration" you must set a replacement array field at the configuration page In our case: none - admin|Administrator


When admin logins, he enrol to cohort named "Administrator"

Moodle 2.5

Version information

Version build number
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Can be updated from
0.5 (2012071912), 1.0 (2013051812)
Can be updated to
3.0 (2015112819)
Stable version
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Supported software
PHP 5.4, Moodle 2.5
  • This is the latest release for Moodle 2.5

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Default installation instructions for plugins of the type Authentication

  1. Make sure you have all the required versions.
  2. Download and unpack the module.
  3. Place the folder (eg "myauth") in the "auth" subdirectory.
  4. Visit to finish the installation