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Maintained by Picture of Joseph ConradtJoseph Conradt
This is a simple theme with fancy CSS styling. Featuring dark foreground elements with white backgrounds. Heavy use of drop shadows and some gradients to add a sleek and simplistic feel.

Recoil 1.0.1

Release notes

Moodle Recoil Theme - By Joseph Conradt

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**How To Install**

1. Download the theme from
2. Extract and upload to your Moodle code in the folder moodle/theme.
3. Log in as an Administrator in your Moodle site, you should be prompted to update the database. (Note that you may have to go to the home page).
4. While still logged in as an Administrator, go to Site administration->Appearance->Themes->Theme selector.
5. Near the Default theme choose Change theme.
6. Scroll down and find Recoil, choose Use theme.


**Update 4-12-13** v0.9.3

Replaced fixed footer with relative footer.

Fixed black boxes around content.


**Update 4-19-13** v1.0

Fixed header logo and heading.

Added footer logo support.


**Update 4-19-13** v1.0.1

Updated the logo to not show a default

Moodle 2.4

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Moodle 2.4
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