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Questionnaire 3.5.1 (Build - 2018110100)

Moodle 3.5
Released: Friday, November 2, 2018, 3:22 AM
Release Notes

Version 3.5.1 (Build - 2018110100)
NOTE - This release can be backported to Moodle 3.4 and 3.3. If doing so, please ensure that your questionnaire installation is at
the latest version for those releases. For Moodle 3.4, this is questionnaire release 3.4.2. For Moodle 3.3, this is questionnaire
release 3.3.3.

New features:
The feedback options UI has been completely overhauled. The feedback UI is now accessed from the module settings menu and tabs.
Each section can now be easily accessed and managed on one page. Questions are now assigned to sections rather than sections
assigned to questions.

Rate question usability improvements, specifically a mouse click on table cell selects the radio button as well.

Report now uses number of of participants instead of number of responses for averages on questions that have optional responses
(e.g. checkboxes).

Numeric question responses now allow comma decimal separator as well as period.

Data export now uses the more of the Moodle export API, and exports with 'CSV' extension rather than 'TXT'.

Incomplete responses can now be selected for export with the CSV export function.

In exported data, anonymous responses are assigned unique identifiers, so that responses from the same anonymous submitter can be

Thanks to C. Jobst & Y. Annanias of the University of Leipzig and the Online-Self-Assessment project for the Faculty of Economics
and Management Science, funded by the EU/ESF (The European Social Fund in Germany) for the resources and efforts for these features.

Bug Fixes:
CONTRIB-7420 - Renaming 'rank' data field to 'rankvalue' to deal with 'rank' now being a MySQL reserved word.

GHI154 - Fixing delete question error caused by code improvement regression.

GHI151 - Fixing download of all public questionnaire instance results, caused by attempt table merge regression.

Code improvements:
Merged attempts and response tables into one table.
New functions added to remove repeated code snippets and DB calls.
Numerous response templates added.
Feedback and feedback section classes added.

Version 3.5.0 (Build - 2018061900)

New features:
This is an early release providing the GDPR Privacy API implementation.

Bug fixes:
CONTRIB-7187 - Fixed preview mode with dependencies bug and added tests to verify.
CONTRIB-7300 - Removed database columns from install.xml and readded the upgrade step for them.

(see CHANGES.TXT in release 3.4 for earlier changes.)

Version information

Version build number
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3.5.1 (Build - 2018110100)
Can be updated from
3.3.3 (Build - 2018013100) (2017050103), 3.5.0 (Build - 2018061900) (2018050101), 3.4.2 (Build - 2018061900) (2017111104)
Stable version
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Moodle 3.5

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