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- quick and uncomplicated way to tell what bothers him/her about teacher/student/course - teacher can have a quick summary how his course is seen from the students perspective - teacher can answer questions - students can trade informations, help with little problem

Courseboard 1.01

Release notes

Courseboard by Franz Weidmann

With this activity the students can give the course/teacher
a short feedback, new thing is that those posts are public (on a "wall") and if
the students choose so, anonymously and that in a quick way
(short text, without much clicking). A post can also be commented and by that
a little discussion could also be possible. In the end, this plugin should
enhance the communication between student and teacher, but student to student too.

After a year of useage , there were no reports
of bugs, so i decided to publish it as stable.

Added a notification system, where you can get messages about a new
post/comment/rate. Only enrolled users can enable this option in the
message preferences.
Please notify me about any problems.


In case you installed the 0.86 version, you should make a backup of your
courseboard and uninstall the courseboard, but download the backupfile
before uninstalling. Then after you installed the new version, go to
Pluginadministration and then to restore. There you only have to put the
backupfile into the field in the top and click restore. This is needed because
there is problem with updating from this version.
Moodle 2.9, 3.0

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