WebEx Meeting

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Maintained by Eric Merrill
A Moodle activity module for Cisco WebEx.

WebEx Meeting 0.1.4 Beta

Moodle 2.6
Released: Thursday, March 6, 2014, 9:47 PM
Third beta release of the WebEx Meeting Moodle module.

Changes in 0.1.4:
Fix permission error when trying to retrieve external meeting link.
Fix permissions when deleting recordings from WebEx.

Current Limitations
As this software is in beta, you should see the Limitations and Bugs list at:

Highlights for this release:
- Backup and restore does not work.
- When a Moodle user is used to create or host a meeting, a new WebEx user is created for them, with the prefix setting prepended to
the username. If the email address is already taken, the user will be redirected to a field to enter their WebEx password. A
workaround for this is to change the users existing email address in WebEx from something like user1@example.com to
user1+webex@example.com. Everything between the + and the @ is ignored by email systems.
- Only Meeting Center and Training Center are currently supported.
- User WebEx passwords are stored in the database.
This is because WebEx doesn't provide a way or retrieving a token for authentication, we must send the password with each request.

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