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StudentQuiz enables students to collaboratively create their own question pools in Moodle. Students can filter these questions into quizzes, and they can rate and comment questions while working through the quizzes. StudentQuiz computes each students contribution and learning progress and compares this with the community. The created questions become part of the Moodle question bank and can be reused in other Moodle quizzes. The video "StudentQuiz in a minute" provides a quick introduction.
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Students like quizzes to prepare for exams. However, it’s hard to create all the questions needed for assessments and exams. That’s where the Moodle plugin StudentQuiz comes in. StudentQuiz enables students to collaboratively create their own question pools within Moodle. This allows a better learning experience because knowledge is actively constructed by the learner, not just passively received from the environment. And even if an individual student contributes a few questions only, a larger cohort can easily build up an extensive question pool. 

In StudentQuiz, learners can create individualised quizzes. They also add their feedback to each questions by rating and commenting while working through the quizzes. Students can see their personal learning progress, and they can compare their contribution and competence with their peer group. Furthermore, the created questions become part of the Moodle question bank and can be reused in standard Moodle quizzes.

The teacher can approve/disapprove questions, or hide or delete questions. The teacher can also configure:

  • whether students’ names are displayed or kept anonymous.
  • whether questions are published right away or have to be approved first.
  • the number of points assigned to questions contributed and answers given. 
  • what user roles to exclude from participation.
  • what questions types are allowed to be added to the pool.
  • whether students are enforced to rate questions.
  • whether students are enforced to comment questions.

The video StudentQuiz in a minute provides a quick introduction. There's also the 16 mins  video Tutorial for Teachers.

StudentQuiz is available in many languages. Please feel free to add your language to the AMOS translator.


The simplest way to install the StudentQuiz is by going to the Site administration -> Plugins -> Install plugins page.

You can try StudentQuiz without installing on the StudentQuiz Demo Page.


For changes and instructions please read the Release Notes.


You can find manuals for each role in the manuals website. For technical issues and help raise an issue in our Issue Tracker.


See Versions tab.

Refer to the Moodle release notes for the minimum requirements for PHP and the databases. Other modern browsers should be compatible too, it's just not tested or developed against them explicitly.


Please help translate StudentQuiz into your language on AMOS.

Feel free to submit code changes as Pull Request or help people and universities around the world in our Issue Tracker.


GNU General Public License v3.0


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Tim Hunt (Lead maintainer): Lead Maintainer
Frank Koch: Maintainer
Dragon Dionysius: Maintainer
Lukas Dürrenberger: Previous maintainer
Simon Schaefer: Previous maintainer
Philipp Albrecht: Previous maintainer
Luca Bösch: Contributer
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  • vie., 20 de may. de 2022, 17:30
    @Hendrink Knoche: Thanks for the feedback riseta

    1. Ah, yes, when there is >20 questions and you do as you say, it resets. I will add that defect to our backlog (probably to be fixed in the M4.0 compatible version).
    2. Could you confirm the theme, please? I cannot replicate in the OU theme or on our vanilla Moodle test server (Boost). Could you open an issue on as that allows screenshots.
    3. The question history, and the 'Ready for review' status, were introduced in recent versions of StudentQuiz. I believe that we've also improved notifications, though that may be coming in the M4.0-compatible version. We were also planning on question versioning, but then that appeared in Moodle 4.0 and saved us a tonne of work riseta Your point about the lack of documentation is taken; I will try to fix that as soon as possible (for both pre-M4.0 and >M4.0).
    4. If you are using the "teacher approval required for publishing to cohort/group" mode, a question is only deemed published once approved.

  • jue., 2 de jun. de 2022, 18:44
    Dear all,
    I think the student quiz in the ranking does not filter out people according to the "restrict access" criteria, which I assume it should.
    thanks for looking into this.
  • jue., 2 de jun. de 2022, 18:54
    Henrik Knoche, the roles that should appear in the ranking is selected in the StudentQuiz settings.
  • jue., 9 de jun. de 2022, 14:47
    Is it possible for the Plugin to support Separate Groups functionality, where a Teacher/NET is able to view only the questions/students of their Group, and not of all as it is currently. We separate larger stduents into smaller Groups and separate them to have a better focus and control.
  • Al
    lun., 8 de ago. de 2022, 04:47
    Do you have a release date for Moodle 4 as we have a number of issues and really want to get back to using the plugin? Cheers.
  • Tim
    jue., 11 de ago. de 2022, 04:13
    I have just released version 4.7.0, which has the latest bug fixes for the Moodle 3.11 version. I wanted to get those fixes released before we start moving to the Moodle 4.0 compatible code. That is close to ready. As soon as we have it, I will put it on the 'main' branch on GitHub, and ask people to help test it. (Even now, you can find the latest work-in-progress at We will only release a version here once we have done enough testing to be confident it is stable.
  • Tim
    mar., 23 de ago. de 2022, 23:48
    Good news everyone, we are getting there with the Moodle 4.0 version of this plugin.

    We are not yet ready to release it here, but we have now put the code on github on the main branch If you can help us to test that, that will help us feel confident to to release it here sooner.

    Since this is a big change, I would strongly recomment that you check out the new version on a test copy of your Moodle site - and ensure you have a backup, in case the database upgrade goes wrong in some unexpected way.

    If you can, please provide feedback from your testing using github issues, but if you are only able to comment here, we will see it.
  • Tim
    jue., 25 de ago. de 2022, 16:40
    Just to note that, already in our testing of the Moodle 4.0 version, we have found some issues with the upgrade code, which cause it to stop with an error. We are working to fix it, but probably no point testing until then.
  • Tim
    mié., 7 de sept. de 2022, 20:50
    OK, improved 4.0 upgrade code has been pushed to github, so if anyone can help with testing the Moodle-4.0 compatible version, please go for it and let us know what you find.
  • Tim
    mié., 21 de sept. de 2022, 05:21
    I have just released version 5.0 of StudentQuiz, which works with Moodle 4.0 and later (but not earlier versions). Thanks to everyone who helped test it.

    As ever, please report any issues found to github.
  • mar., 8 de nov. de 2022, 18:23
    Hello. Module v4.7.0 (2022052400) Found a problem.
    If you create a question in the test editor, then the inserted picture is not displayed in the text of the question when solving the test. Although the picture is displayed in the preview of the question.
    Why are the links different?

    In preview.php ->/pluginfile.php/306589/question/questiontext/739864/1/86403/1.png?time=1666721977339

    Link breaks in attempt.php ->/pluginfile.php/306589/question/questiontext/739866/1/86403/1.png?time=1666721977339

    Also, if the question is placed in the "Bank of questions" and already from the "Bank of questions" is inserted into the test, then the picture becomes available.
    How to fix this problem? Thanks for attention.
  • Tim
    vie., 23 de dic. de 2022, 02:47
    I have just released two new versions:

    4.7.1 is a bug-fix release for Moodle 3.x, which fixes the bug where images in questions do not appear.

    5.1.0 is a a more significant release for Moodle 4.x - and we can confirm it works with Moodle 4.1 as well as 4.0.
  • mar., 25 de abr. de 2023, 22:30

    First of all thank you for this fantastic plugin.

    is studentquiz 5.1.0 compatible with moodle 4.2? and with php 8.1?

    If not, when do you have a compatible version planned?

    Thank you!
  • sáb., 29 de abr. de 2023, 19:45
    Hello Tim,
    Great work indeed!
    What is the outlook on Moodle Mobile compatibility? Would love that.
    Any plans to support Group functionality for the plugin? Would appreciate.
  • Tim
    mar., 2 de may. de 2023, 18:07
    Moodle mobile support is difficult.

    To use StudentQuiz, you need to be able to edit questions - and none of the standard Moodle question editing functionality works in the mobile app yet. We really need that first.
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