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Questionnaire 3.2.6 (Build - 2018013100)

Moodle 3.2
Released: Thursday, February 1, 2018, 4:27 AM
Release Notes

Release 3.2.6 (Build - 2018013100)
New Features:
GHI #126 - Added enhanced notification feature for full submission data (backported from 3.4).

Bug fixes:
GHI #91 - Fixed response export data for Oracle.
GHI #119 - Fixed code that was incorrectly removing data records when questions with responses were deleted.
CONTRIB-7140 - Fixed code that was counting elements of an array incorrectly.
CONTRIB-7109 - Added error handling to search indexing.

Version 3.2.5 (Build - 2017051800)
New Features:
CONTRIB-5615 - 'Never' can be assigned to a questionnaire for viewing other users' responses.

Version 3.2.4 (Build - 2017042700)
New Features:
CONTRIB-6136 - Assigned roles can receive Moodle notifications when a new submission is made.

Version 3.2.3
Bug Fixes:
CONTRIB-6813 - Remove notification from "non-respondents" screen.
CONTRIB-6815 - Fixed more alignment issues on rate response display.
CONTRIB-6816 - Added a space after the group selector on "all responses" screen.

Version 3.2.2
Bug Fixes:
CONTRIB-6787 - Restore doesn't recreate question dependencies properly in some cases.
CONTRIB-6800 - Timing of questionnaire open/close doesn't update when course is restored.
CONTRIB-6809 - Response display for rate questions using named degrees can display incorrectly.

Version 3.2.1
CONTRIB-5575 - Added renderers and templates to all output code.
CONTRIB-6430 - Added global search functions.

Bug fixes:
CONTRIB-6642 - Fixed non-respondents screen.
CONTRIB-6729 - Fixed group selection on CSV export.
CONTRIB-6730 - Fixed printing of individual response.

Version 3.2.0
CONTRIB-6093 - Upated Behat tests to work with 3.2.
CONTRIB-5575 - Refactored code to use renderers and templates.

Bug fixes:
Github PR-74 - Ensure internal links used in submission confirmation URL or restored properly from backup.
CONTRIB-6611 - Ensure "resume" text is shown in navigation menu when resuming a questionnaire.
CONTRIB-6603 - Ensure summary replies for anonymous questionnaires are not ordered alphabetically by user name.
CONTRIB-6602 - Fixed incorrect use of $COURSE global in add_instance (Github PR-72).
CONTRIB-6562 - Allow editing of parent question for label questions with parent questions already set.
CONTRIB-6561 - Allow editing of parent question when creating a new question.
CONTRIB-6515 - Fixed downloading response database problem for Oracle and other databases (Github PR-73).
CONTRIB-6475 - Removed redundant ->groups code.
CONTRIB-6471 - Fixed support for "rtl" languages in response report pages (Github PR-66).
CONTRIB-6445 - Added upgrade statements to ensure alignment with db definition.
CONTRIB-6142 - Added correct formatting of text responses so that filtering occurs for enabled Moodle filters.

(see CHANGES.TXT in release 3.1 for earlier changes.)

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3.2.6 (Build - 2018013100)
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Moodle 3.2
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