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Important information.

The flashcard module was originally written by Valery for 1.9. It was hosted on the old Moodle plugins database, there was also an version initially ported to Moodle 2.

Tomek took over the work on it, finished porting into Moodle 2 and done few releases on the new plugins database page (this one). The latest version of this module is 3.2 and is available on github: . It includes set of fixes from alekiy that should get it to work on Moodle 2.5. You can use it but this development is dis-continued.

Valery has now updated his branch of flashcard module into Moodle 2.5. The source code is and the latest release is also on this, new plugins database as 2.4.0 (Build 2012040100). This is the branch you should be using now.

Both versions of flashcard module have diverged and are not compatible with each other. It's not possible to easily switch from one version (3.1 or 3.2) to another (2.4.0) without re-installing (and hence loosing all data).


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  • Picture of Krister Viirsaar
    Tue, 21 Jan 2014, 5:47 PM
    Because "2012080800" that i'm upgrading from is 3.2.
  • Picture of Krister Viirsaar
    Tue, 21 Jan 2014, 5:48 PM
    Also the version Andreas Grupp is upgrading from is 3.1.
  • Picture of Krister Viirsaar
    Tue, 21 Jan 2014, 5:49 PM
    I know this is in the Description. But then not everything makes sense, because then why does moodle tell me there is a new version if upgrading is impossible?
  • Picture of Krister Viirsaar
    Tue, 21 Jan 2014, 7:01 PM
    So if you could just confirm there is no way to get from 3.2 to 2.6 without losing the data. Also, 3.2 will not work on 2.6 or newer?
  • Picture of Valery Fremaux
    Tue, 21 Jan 2014, 8:26 PM
    "why does moodle tell me there is a new version" : because this is an automated process. We discussed longly with Tomas to decide wether making some clone implementation or merging code and architectures. Tomas was not longer available for maintaining flashcard on a long run, and actually no running project using it.

    "Also, 3.2 will not work on 2.6 or newer?" : there is a risk, yeah... 3.2 track is discontinued.
    We discussed about having some data conversion script betwen too branches. Achieving in conclusion that it was too heavy work to change all the card content strategy from one version to the other.
  • Picture of Krister Viirsaar
    Tue, 21 Jan 2014, 8:34 PM
    okay, thanks for the info.
  • Picture of Frederick Hoyt
    Thu, 6 Feb 2014, 10:38 AM

    I am using Moodle 2.6.1 with the flashcard add-on version 2.4.0 for a language course.

    The add-on is working, but I would like to able to have it keep track of each time a particular student uses it and for how long. As far as I can tell, the add-on doesn't currently support this.

    My goal is to be able to give students extra credit for every time they use the flashcards for (at least) ten minutes. In order for me to do that, the add-on has to record the beginning and end timestamps for each time a student uses the cards and then to include that info in the summary for the deck.

    Is there a way to do this with the add-on that I haven't found, or a way to tweak the code so that it does?

    Thank you for your time and for the very useful add-on.
  • My Hero
    Sun, 23 Feb 2014, 5:25 AM

    As I attempt to upgrade my site from 2.5.3 to 2.6.1 I keep getting the error mentioned above (in the 2.5.3 installation there is flashcard version 2.4, but in the moodle 2.6.1 I put in the newer flashcard version). There are several flashcard activities in a number of courses and I don't want to delete them before I upgrade to the new version. Are there any workarounds other than using the legacy (flashcard 2.4) module or deleting and then re-installing?

  • Picture of Krister Viirsaar
    Sun, 23 Feb 2014, 3:13 PM
    @Paul there is no workaround. I tried all the ways I could thik of. You need to use legacy or reinstall.
  • My Hero
    Mon, 24 Feb 2014, 12:24 AM
    Okay, thanks. What I did was first export the mdl_flashcard_deckdata and then use the import feature. It's not a perfect solution, but it works.
  • KerryJ
    Thu, 8 May 2014, 2:18 PM
    Am trying to install on 2.4 - it says it's installed but when I go to create a Flashcard deck activity I get "Can not find data record in database table context."
  • Picture of Bas Brands
    Fri, 13 Jun 2014, 12:13 AM
    I was able to update from version: 2012080800 to 2014010600 changing the old plugin version in the Moodle database.

    All I needed to do is set version 2012080800 -> 2012040100 before doing the upgrade.

    The query used was:
    UPDATE mdl_config_plugins SET value= '2012040100' WHERE plugin='mod_flashcard';

    I am now using the latest version without have to do any imports / exports
  • Picture of aaran mcguire
    Fri, 18 Jul 2014, 5:46 PM

    Were planning to upgrade to 2.7 soon, has anyone tested this plugin in 2.7? If not I will do so later this month.
  • Picture of ramya g
    Wed, 23 Jul 2014, 6:40 PM
    I am trying to install mod_flashcard_moodle26_2014010600 for moodle version 2.6. But It is not installing but appears as to be installed , disabled in plugins overview page. pls help.
  • Picture of David Dunn
    Thu, 18 Dec 2014, 6:40 PM
    Happy to see there is still development of this module.
    I just did a new install of module version mod_flashcard_moodle26_2014051200 in our Moodle 2.7.1

    No problems with installation and first bulk import went fine. Leitner mode works OK, but in Free play, the click to turn the card does not work. All the other buttons do work (Next card, etc.).
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