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Application for Student Design Projects
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“Design Project” was developed to direct, monitor and evaluate students’ design projects according to design processes. Students’ progress on these tabs depends on their receiving approval from their counselors for the previous page and on obtaining a passing grade for the report associated with that page. If this is not achieved, the student continues on the current stage, that is to say, on the previous tab.

In the first part of the home page, the name of the lesson and the start and end dates of the lesson are given. In the sub-section in which all of the projects groups are seen , a red “stop”  symbol means that this stage is not approved by the counselor; a yellow “approval” (√) symbol means that this stage is approved by at least one jury member; an up arrow ()means that the counselor approved the data entered into the system and the stage report is expected; a green “completed”  symbol means that the report was also evaluated by the counselor with a passing score. The green “completed” symbol means that the stage in question was completed by the student. Thus, the home page of the activity allows the instructor to easily see which level the students are on during the process; this information can also be seen by students. Thus, a student can see where they are in the process and compare their personal progress with other students in the section.  The instructor can send a message to selected project groups via the “Send Message” button.

In all tabs other than the problem tab, after entering the required data, data students can click on the “I have entered data, check it” button  and notify the instructors that the data has been entered for checking. The system will then send an e-mail notifying the instructors that data have been entered.


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Muhammet Yorulmaz (Lead maintainer)
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Whakaaturia ngā tākupu
  • Apa, 11 Kohi 2012, 12:44 PM
    Not for Moodle 2:
    Debug info: Plugin is not compatible with Moodle 2.x or later.
    Stack trace:
    line 471 of /lib/upgradelib.php: plugin_defective_exception thrown
    line 271 of /lib/upgradelib.php: call to upgrade_plugins_modules()
    line 1466 of /lib/upgradelib.php: call to upgrade_plugins()
    line 317 of /admin/index.php: call to upgrade_noncore()
  • senen_futuractiva
    Mer, 20 Kohi 2012, 7:37 PM
    Hello Muhammet,
    after reading about your module I installed it without problems. Notifications told me that everything worked as expected, but then when it comes to create one instance in my course and after filling up the configuration page, all I get is this message:
    Could not add a new instance of designproject.

    I am running it in a moodle 1.9.8.
    Do you know why is it behaving this way?
    I am very interested in this module because it fits perfectly my needs and after a intense search I have found none that fits better my course expectancies. Thank you for the work and I hope this problem is something you know how to solve.
    Thanks again Muhammet!
  • Tū, 31 Kohi 2012, 6:23 PM
    Hi Senen & Romano
    Design Project is tested on moodle 1.9.5+ .

    You can use on our test site ( ).
    Test user for student profil
    username: teststudent
    password : 2012

  • Tū, 31 Kohi 2012, 11:10 PM
    HI, any plans on making this plug in compatible for 2.0+ .
    It would be highly appreciated. please let me know.
  • Apa, 1 Hui 2012, 8:53 PM
    Hi Umesh,

    Unfortunately I don't have such a plan in the near future. When I update my moodle version to 2.0, I will write this module...
  • Apa, 28 Pou 2012, 11:04 AM
    I test it on the lastest Moodle, with the same problem with senen by "Could not add a new instance of designproject",WHY?!
    Can you help me? Muhammet.
    Thank you for your Excellent plugin.
  • Hor, 31 Pou 2012, 9:37 AM

    $string['modulename'] = '设计项目';
    $string['modulenameplural'] = '设计项目';
    $string['designprojectfieldset'] = '数据集';
    $string['designprojectintro'] = '描述';
    $string['designprojectname'] = '设计项目名称';
    $string['designproject'] = '设计项目';
    $string['startdate'] = '开始时间';
    $string['enddate'] = '结束时间';
    $string['approve'] = '核准';
    $string['noapprove'] = '移除核准';
    $string['waitfile']='等待导师核准Advisor approved.Form is waiting';

    $string['main'] = '首页';
    $string['projectsettings'] = '设置';
    $string['prepare'] = '准备';

    $string['tab1'] = '问题';
    $string['tab2'] = '分析、综合与规划';
    $string['tab3'] = '研究';
    $string['tab4'] = '规范、理念与开发';
    $string['tab5'] = '解决方案';
    $string['tab6'] = '生产';
    $string['tab7'] = '评价';

    $string['patentdatabase'] = '专利数据库';
    $string['patentdatabasename'] = '专利数据库名称';
    $string['patentdatabaselink'] = '专利数据库链接';
    $string['description'] = '描述';
    $string['add'] = '添加';
    $string['stepandassignment'] = '分配各阶段的任务';

    $string['image'] = '图像';
    $string['semestre'] = '学期';
    $string['name'] = '项目名称';
    $string['newprojectrecord'] = '添加新记录';
    $string['image'] = '图像';
    $string['file'] = '文件';
    $string['process'] = '进程';

    $string['viewformgrades'] = '已发送表单';
    $string['noaccepted'] = '未核准';
    $string['yoursubject'] = '您的建议';
    $string['subject'] = '建议';
    $string['yournewtopic'] = '新的建议';
    $string['author'] = '作者';
    $string['replies'] = '评论';
    $string['lastpost'] = '最新评论';
    $string['studentscore'] = '学生分数';
    $string['otherscore'] = '陪审团分数';
    $string['teacher'] = '导师分数';
    $string['allsubject'] = '所有建议';
    $string['postaddedsuccess'] = '消息已添加';
    $string['postupdated'] = '消息已更新';
    $string['postaddedtimeleft'] = '你可以暂时改变你的消息';
    $string['addtopic'] = '添加主题';
    $string['editing'] = '编辑';
    $string['yourreply'] = '评论';

    $string['rate'] = '分数';
    $string['ratings'] = '分数';
    $string['rating'] = '分数';
    $string['ratingssaved'] = '得分记录';
    $string['noratingssaved'] = '分数未记录';
    $string['back'] = '后退';
    $string['selectgroup'] = '选择小组';
    $string['submit'] = '发送';
    $string['notproblem'] = '还没有建议';
    $string['addanewproblem'] = '添加新问题';
    $string['norelationform'] = '各阶段的任务表单没有建立关联';
    $string['maxtimehaspassed'] = '编辑时间 ($a) 已经结束!';

    $string['planning'] = '规划';
    $string['analysis'] = '分析';
    $string['synthesis'] = '综合';
    $string['phasecalendar'] = '日历';
    $string['phases'] = '阶段';
    $string['addtopic'] = '添加主题';
    $string['addnewtask'] = '添加新任务';
    $string['task'] = '任务';
    $string['addtask'] = '添加任务';
    $string['addedphases'] = '任务';
    $string['addnewanswerquestion'] = '添加新的答案-问题';
    $string['question'] = '问题';
    $string['answer'] = '答案';
    $string['addanswerquestion'] = '添加新的答案-问题';

    $string['material'] = '材料';
    $string['ergonomy'] = '人机交互';
    $string['safe'] = '安全';
    $string['products'] = '已存在的产品';
    $string['human'] = '人';
    $string['manufacture'] = '有效的生产方式';
    $string['function'] = '功能';




  • Mer, 2 Rangi 2012, 4:22 PM
    Design Project Module was applied for one academic term with student groups attending the course unit “ETE404-Industrial Design” at the Industrial Technology Education Department, Gazi University in Turkey.
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