General plugins (Local) ::: local_differentiator
Maintained by Luca Bösch
A tool to efficiently formulate and save learning goals based on the Differentiator by Ian Byrd. Learning goals are persisted for every user in your Moodle installation.

Differentiator 1.2.0

Moodle 3.6, 3.7, 3.8
Released: Friday, December 27, 2019, 6:26 AM



Release 1.2.0

  • 2019-12-26 - Added strings for pt. Thanks to Dinis Medeiro!

Release 1.1.1

  • 2019-12-24 - Amended strings, also fixed strings for thinking skills appearing twice in es, es_mx and it.

Release 1.1.0

  • 2019-12-22 - Added strings for es as well as es_mx, including the user tour with typo fixes. Thanks to Germán Valero!
  • 2019-12-22 - Added an unified breadcrumb navigation for admins as well as usual users.
  • 2019-12-22 - Removed the lang/de, lang/fr and lang/it folder since string are now handeled in AMOS, removed an unused string.

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Can be updated to
v3.11-r1 (2021081400)
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Supported software
Moodle 3.6, Moodle 3.7, Moodle 3.8

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Default installation instructions for plugins of the type General plugins (Local)

  1. Make sure you have all the required versions.
  2. Download and unpack the module.
  3. Place the folder in the "local" subdirectory.
  4. Visit http://yoursite.com/admin to finish the installation.