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Maintained by Luuk VerhoevenLuuk Verhoeven, Vincent Cornelis, hamza tamyachte
Quick navigation / commander is a command dialog inspired by PhpStorm `Action` and `oh-my-zsh`. It will make navigation faster in Moodle.
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Local commander / quick navigation plugin


Commander is a command dialog inspired by PhpStorm Action and oh-my-zsh. It will make navigation faster in Moodle. The plugin will list all navigation items in a list. This list is searchable. You can use the arrow keys for navigation.

Just press ` (above the TAB key) to bring up the commander. Use the UP and DOWN keys to move between them, and press Enter to open one.

List of features

  • Quick navigation by pressing `
  • Configurable trigger keyboard key
  • Available for 'manager', 'coursecreator', 'editingteacher' ,'teacher'
  • Navigate ⬆ / ⬇ keyboard
  • Open active item with keyboard ↵
  • ESC keyboard close modal


  1. Copy this plugin to the local\commander folder on the server
  2. Login as administrator
  3. Go to Site Administrator > Notification
  4. Install the plugin
  5. You will need to fill out the settings.


Extra information




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Screenshot #1
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Luuk Verhoeven
Luuk Verhoeven (Lead maintainer)
Vincent Cornelis
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  • Plugins bot
    Axd, 25 Mar 2018, 10:40 AM
    Approval issue created: CONTRIB-7229
  • Foto de perfil, tirada em um dia de rodeio 🤠🐎
    Khms, 2 May 2019, 1:06 AM
    so beautiful! 🙃
  • Jeff White
    Khms, 2 May 2019, 2:05 AM
    Holy cow! this is so cool.
  • Jon Bolton
    Jmc, 3 May 2019, 4:35 PM
    This is VERY nice 😍
  • Dan Jeffries
    Tldo, 24 Seb 2019, 7:36 PM
    Hi. Great plugin. We have an issue though. Our Admins use different keyboards (some are in different countries) and the default key can be assigned to @ or other functions - meaning it pops up every time.

    We've tried changing the ID number but we can't find one that suits all. Any chance the modal could appear based on key-strokes rather than a single key? Thanks.
  • Luuk Verhoeven
    Sbti, 5 Okt 2019, 4:22 PM
    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your feedback.
    I added your feedback to the issue tracker on GitHub. It will be a good improvement to make the keyboard mapping better.
  • Daniel Neis Araujo
    Tldo, 10 Dis 2019, 9:33 PM
    AWESOME! Thank you very much for this plugin.
  • Gaspard VARENNES
    Axd, 12 Jan 2020, 10:25 AM
    I quote Daniel, because I can not say better: "AWESOME! Thank you very much for this plugin."
  • Ragnar Snær
    Tldo, 1 Dis 2020, 10:13 PM
    This is simply beautiful! Testing on 3.10 and works like charm!
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