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Maintained by Olivier Piton, CBlueC Blue
This plugin is used to fill in a user profile field, named "Campaign", based on a "GET" parameter. This is used to find out which "Campaign" the user comes from.
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Moodle plugin local_campaign


This plugin is used to fill in a user profile field, named Campaign, based on a GET parameter.

This is used to find out which Campaign the user comes from.

Technical description

  • Adds a user profile category Campaigns and a use profile field Campaigns at install.
  • Configurable in Admin > Local plugins > Campaigns
  • Store users campaign(s) via campaign URL query string (
  • Also works if the user is not logged in and then logs in.
  • All Campaigns are converted to lower case letters.

Initial purpose

The initial purpose of this plugin is to respond to the need for a Moodle platform to identify via which campaign users arrived on the platform.


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Olivier Piton (Lead maintainer)
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