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View assignment grades, comments and lateness in a report

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Moodle 1.9
Released: Wednesday, August 31, 2011, 2:19 AM
This is a simple grade report that I put together to show assignment grades, comments and lateness (or any combination of the above). It should work properly (it is currently being used in a production system), but is probably not as well written as it could be (it started out as a quick hack and has ended up a bit bigger than originally intended).

It does not show any aggregation (by design - the main 'grader report' already has plenty of that), but it does allow you to filter the output by group, grade category or just view a single student's results.

Categories and desired output (grade/comment/lateness) can be selected using the checkboxes at the top. Grades are shown in full, comments are clipped to 25 chars (but full text is available by hovering your mouse over it), lateness is shown in brackets as number of complete days after the deadline (nothing is shown if the assignment was less than 24 hours late). A + sign at the end of the lateness indicates that an assignment has not yet been submitted.

Links across the top of the report will take you straight to the 'view all submissions' page for that assignment, or directly to the student's submission, if you have a single student selected.

This was created to help me keep track of my student's submissions to the UploadPDF assignment type (hence the name), but should work fine with any other assignment type.


Unzip the files to a suitable place
Copy the 'updfgrades' folder onto your moodle server and place it in the 'moodle/grade/report/' folder.
Log in to moodle as administrator and click on 'Notifications' (this sets up the permissions to allow teachers to use this report type).


I do not intend to offer a lot of support with this module (I've already got 3 other Moodle plugins to look after and that is quite enough for the moment wink ), however I am actively using it, so I'm likely to keep it working and fix any obvious bugs that occur (and probably update to work with Moodle 2.0 at some point).
Bearing that in mind, if you want to contact me about this module, please feel free to do so at: moodle@davosmith.co.uk

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