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Maintained by Justin Hunt
VideoEasy is a filter to play mp4, mp3 and other media files with html5 players. It uses user editable templates to allow the admin to customize the appearance of existing players or to support new players. Predefined player templates support Video JS, JPlayer, JW Player, Flowplayer and MediaElement.js

Video Easy Filter 1.2.05(Build 2019102500)

Moodle 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11
Released: Thursday, October 24, 2019, 4:43 PM
Change List
Version 1.2.05(Build 2019102500)
-Added jquery ui to to templates by default, for resizable

Version 1.2.04(Build 2018120500)
-Fixed issue when directories in presets folder

Version 1.2.03(Build 2018090300)
-Fixed issue with spaces in custom extensions field

Version 1.2.02(Build 2018081001)
-added two new presets
-fixerd buggy templates (elton audio, Flowplayer first frame, media element audio)

Version 1.2.01(Build 2018041001)
-Improved templates listing
-Added template version update ability

Version 1.2.0(Build 2018041000)
-Implemented new Moodle Privacy API

Version 2017081100
-removed edit column from template table. Edit template by clicking on name

Version 2017041000
-fixed bug that would kill an install

Version 2017032405
-added better display of templates in navigation so that Boost doesn't completely mess it up
-added revision flag for automating cache refresh courtesy of agrowe
-fixed display of template names in dropdown
-added an instruction/description field to each template
-added version field for each template

Version 2016120901
-added support for "player" parameter to the URL so that the player can be specified via the
video url. e.g

Version 2016112801
-fixed a bug where html from template processed but not sent to page, and js looking for it

Version 2016111901
-fixed a bug on webservice detection for mobile/alternate content
-added 2 new presets, pdfinline and flowplayersubtitle and added crossorigin
to videoeasytranscript

Version 2016110902
Fixed broken support for importing/exporting bundles containing "alternate content" fields

Version 2016110901
Added "alternate content" field for falling back to on mobile app

Version 2016082006
Added property FILENAMESTUB

Version 2016082005
Fixed a bug killing shim for uploaded js file

Version 2016082004
Fixed another problem on new installs where an error occurred adding a default template

Version 2016082003
Fixed another problem on new installs where an error occurred adding a default template

Version 2016082002
Fixed a problem on new installs where an error occurred adding a default template

Version 2016082001
Added shimming and loading of presets from bundle files in videoeasy dir.
Also removed the ablity to declare a jquery dependency. You should use shimming instead

Version 2016011102
Fixed bug where uploaded JS and CSS files would not be served correctly, and the filter would fail

Version 2016011101
Added support for preset bundles import/export
Changed handles of loaded dependencies from recjs[template number] e.g recjs1 , recjs2 etc to requirejs_[templatekey] e.g requiredjs_flowplayer

Version 2015120401
Added support for passing AMD params via HTML

Version 2015032401
Bug fix for < PHP5.5 users

Version 2015032400
First public release

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1.2.05(Build 2019102500)
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Moodle 3.1, Moodle 3.2, Moodle 3.3, Moodle 3.4, Moodle 3.5, Moodle 3.6, Moodle 3.7, Moodle 3.8, Moodle 3.9, Moodle 3.10, Moodle 3.11
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