Sign In Sheet - Attendance / Signature list generator

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Maintained by Kyle Goslin, Daniel McSweeneyDaniel Mc Sweeney
This block is a simple way to generate attendance / signature lists for students in your course.

Sign In Sheet - Attendance / Signature list generator 2.0

Moodle 3.5
Released: Thursday, September 13, 2018, 9:44 PM

by Kyle Goslin & Daniel McSweeney

Copyright 2013-2018 - Institute of Technology Blanchardstown.

Version 2.0

Date: July 2018
- Tested on Moodle 3.5
- JavaScript error on show.php resolved
- Larger area for adding in signatures relative to the fields added.
- GDPR comp added

Version 1.7
Date: Monday April 25th 2016
- Tested on Moodle 3.0

Version 1.6
Date: 30th May 2015
- Added add blank spaces feature

Version 1.5
Date: 14th May 2014
- Spanish translation added (With thanks to German Valero).
- Name and signature fields not hard coded.
- Option to include one of the default fields from the mdl_user record as a column.

Version 1.4
Date: 1st April 2014
- New screenshots updated on
- Updated descriptions.
- Tested with Moodle 2.6.
- Remember choice of first name and last name updated.
- Remember choice of filter applied updated.

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