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In the semsort block (blocks/semester_sortierung), courses are grouped by their starting dates in a semester view on the MyMoodle page.

Semester overview 2014-03-31

Moodle 2.8
Released: Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 10:24 PM
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v. 2015-05-26.00

Semester sortierung block


An enhanced version of the Course overview block. Provides the ability to
separate courses to semesters by their starting date.
* Favorite courses - courses chosen by the user to be displayed on top of all
* Personal sorting inside semesters

Requires Moodle version 2.2 - 2012112900

Just place the plugin contents inside moodle/blocks/semester_sortierung folder and go to
Administration-> Notifications to install the new plugin.

* Andreas Hruska (
* Katarzyna Potocka (
* Simeon Naydenov (


Taken from git history with bugs' ids taken from redmine log at

2015-05-26: Feature #2354 - fix code to pass code checker
2015-05-26: Feature #1970 - add personal sorting capability:
add admin setting
improve sorting courses - few loops less, some clean up
implement user sorting
finish no-javascript sorting
add ajax_personalsort for user sorting to be updated by ajax
added yui for drag and drop
2015-05-26: Bug #2337 - enable user to delete the block in his own my moodle page
2015-05-26: Update #2250 - Update and fix problems for moodle 2.8.5
2015-05-26: Bug #2072 - Fix settings plugin name to block_semester_sortierung, fix bug with config
2014-10-13: Update #2017 - Update version.php
2014-10-13: Update #2016 - update headers of all files
2014-04-14: Update #1487 - make it work on 2.6.2
2013-12-04: Bug #1145 - fix roles' strings
2013-11-13: Update #1124 - fix favorites "star" when no sort is set to true
2013-07-15: Bug #902 - No alt tags in IE
2013-07-15: Feature #883 - add an admin setting for favorites
2013-07-09: Bug #812 - fix "Zeilenumbruch"
2013-07-05: Bug #809 - fix block not deletable
2013-07-05: Update #769 - add a favorites box at the top
2013-06-27: Bug #756 - fix course sorting to fullname
2013-05-18: Rewritten so that it uses renderer.php - in preparation for 2.5
2013-03-26: code cleanup
2013-03-14: Feature #61 - make the block usable without javascript
2013-01-29: Bug #329 - fix mouseover and dimmed courses links
2013-01-25: codebase for 2.4

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