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Availability restriction ::: availability_othercompleted
Maintained by Sam Suresh
This plugin allows restricting access of activities and resources in your course based on other course completion status.
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Now you can restrict your course activities and resources by the completion status of other courses. 

For example:

You have 2 courses

  • Course 1
  • Course 2

You want your students to complete Course 1 before accessing Course 2's first content.
Open Course 2's first content and restrict access by the setting the requirement of Course 1 Completed. Of course, you need to set Course Completion for Course 1 in the first place. 

How to use?

1. Install the plugins from Moodle

2. Open any activity or resource that you want to restrict. Click add restriction and choose Other course completion.

3. Choose which course you want the user to complete before being able to open this content. 


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Sam Suresh (Lead maintainer)
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Amuishar los comentaris
  • Kyle Mullan
    Tue 9 Nov 2021, 23:28
    Hi, I'd really like to start using this plugin - will you be updating to the latest Moodle version?
  • Ortal Hashai
    Sun 13 Feb 2022, 21:10
    Nice plugin, Works very well
    No role can see the activity in "Complete report" when this restriction is on.
    Is there any way to fix this?
  • Gabriela Valecillo
    Sun 20 Mar 2022, 23:11
    When installing this plugin, what I have achieved is to lose the completion report of the courses. Don't use it! I have lost my job because of this plugin.
  • Giovanni Marciano
    Fri 1 Jul 2022, 17:14
    Hi, Really Cool plugin, just one thing i would like the unlock course 2 for the user after he has seen like the 60% of Course 1 (For example 6 of 10 videos) how can i do it? i can't see where i should put my hands on the code :D
  • Elizmarié Louw
    Fri 23 Sep 2022, 21:37
    Good day, I was wondering whether this plugin will be available for use with Moodle 4.0, anytime soon?
  • Stefano Guglielmetti
    Mon 17 Oct 2022, 16:07
    Good morning,
    I installed the plugin and I get this message:
    Notice: Trying to get property 'id' of non-object in /var/www/html/moodle/availability/condition/othercompleted/classes/condition.php on line 9
    Is this something that could compromise functionality in your opinion?
  • Yamna Ettarres
    Tue 15 Nov 2022, 08:46
    Hi, The following message is displayed for users who didn't completed the second course, including teachers
    Notice: Trying to get property 'id' of non-object in /var/www/html/MOODLESITE/availability/condition/othercompleted/classes/condition.php on line 91
  • Kushan Rathnasekara
    Thu 13 Apr 2023, 15:29
    Dear All , Any possibility to apply the same in an event of an activity completion of other course, instead of completing the entire other course?
  • Wynand Louw
    Sat 29 Apr 2023, 22:35
    Is this compatible with Moodle 4.2?
  • Gurkan Cil
    Sat 6 May 2023, 15:29
    Hi @Kushan Rathnasekara, I need this function as well.

    Access to an activity in one course will be provided if an activity is completed in another course!

    @Sam Suresh, if you can do this that would be really great!
  • James Peter
    Wed 16 Aug 2023, 20:16
    how to restrict in course level, not activity level
    So user doesn't want to enroll to this course with out completing the other course
  • Jeff Shrek
    Wed 30 Aug 2023, 11:04
    There is an issue where, as admin role, I see "Not available unless: You have completed MY CLASS NAME", but student roles see "Not available unless: You have completed {$a}"
  • Jeff Shrek
    Wed 30 Aug 2023, 12:23
    If course completion is set to be when a Quiz has been PASSED, then when the user passes the quiz, it will successfully unlock the next course.
    However if the Quiz is failed, and then you manually adjust the user to passed grade (so the activity shows as complete), this plugin will not unlock the next course.
    So when the user actually passes the quiz themselves (which marks the activity as complete) then this plugin works.
    But if the teacher manually changes their grade from a fail to a pass (which also marks the activity as complete) then the plugin does not work as expected (bug).
  • Jeff Shrek
    Wed 30 Aug 2023, 13:09
    Ok so my above report about it not working when the quiz grade is manually changed from fail to pass, is incorrect ... it DOES work, BUT it seems to take 2 or 3 runs of the cron before it is succesfully recorded. I have my cron set to run every 5 minutes, and it takes it 10 to 15 minutes to unlock after manually adjusting the grade.
  • Dima Akater
    Wed 1 Nov 2023, 20:42
    > Open Course 2's first content and restrict access by the setting the requirement of Course 1 Completed.

    It is not clear to me how to do that. In the Restrict Access section, I only see the default choices of Date, Grade, User profile, Restriction set. The plugin (v4.0.1
    2023101400) is installed and enabled. Moodle version is 4.2.2.
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