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Before you post... read this...

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Before you post... read this...
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Do not be put off posting but here are some things to help you help yourself...

If you are asking for help, we need important information (where relevant)...

  • What version of Moodle is this (it's in the version.php file or the Site administration > Notifications page at the bottom)?
  • If you've had an error message, what is it? Please copy and paste it exactly?
  • What is your operating system, what web server are you using, what database and what are the versions of everything (including PHP)?
  • What did you do? What instructions did you follow? What did you expect ? What went wrong?
  • Turn on debugging, check your logs. See the following...
  • If you are talking about a system (of any description) that is not Moodle you may want to give links and or a brief explanation. We don't all live in the same country or work in the same field. 

Logs, messages and Debugging...

  • If you have a "white page of death", an error message of any description or just weird behaviour the first thing to do is...
  • Switch on debugging in Moodle - see Debugging
  • Reproduce the error
  • Do you see additional messages and "traces". If it doesn't immediately solve the problem please post them into your question in this forum
  • Check your web server's error log. The location will vary depending on operating system and web server software. Google should be able to tell you. If you're stuck please ask here with full details of your system. On hosted sites it may not be accessible to you at all and you may need to ask your support. 
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Re: Before you post... read this...

Hi Howard Miller,

I am a moodle developer. I have posted some issues in moodle forum for past three years. I gave few details on forum. Here now I should give proper

details in forum. Thanks for your valuable points.

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Gareth J Barnard
Re: Before you post... read this...
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Hi Howard,

Can I add to this list please?

In reading posts here there are lots that really belong in other forums where you'd be more likely to get a reply from people who understand the given area.  Therefore before posting, please look at the other forums and consider which would be better for your question.

There is lots of information about this....

But don't post duplicates or a moderator (like me and Howard) will:  If you think a post belongs in two forums, post in the main forum for the subject matter and then post a link to that post in the other forum.


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