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MSA-19-0009: get_with_capability_join/get_users_by_capability not aware of context freezing 0 Michael Hawkins
MSA-19-0008: Secure layout contained an insecure link in Boost theme 0 Michael Hawkins
MSA-19-0007: Stored HTML in assignment submission comments allowed links to be opened directly 0 Michael Hawkins
MSA-19-0006: Users could elevate their role when accessing the LTI tool on a provider site 0 Michael Hawkins
MSA-19-0005: Logged in users could view all calendar events 0 Michael Hawkins
MSA-19-0004: "Log in as" functionality exposed to JavaScript risk on other users' Dashboards 0 Michael Hawkins
MSA-19-0003: User full name is not escaped in the un-linked userpix page 0 Michael Hawkins
MSA-19-0002: Blind SSRF Risk in /badges/mybackpack.php 0 Michael Hawkins
MSA-19-0001: Manage groups capability is missing XSS risk flag 0 Michael Hawkins
MSA-18-0020: Login CSRF vulnerability in login form 0 Michael Hawkins
MSA-18-0019: Boost theme - blog search GET parameter insufficiently filtered 0 Michael Hawkins
MSA-18-0018: QuickForm library remote code vulnerability (upstream) 0 Michael Hawkins
MSA-18-0017: Moodle XML import of ddwtos could lead to intentional remote code execution 0 Michael Hawkins
MSA-18-0016: Quiz question bank import preview could execute JavaScript 0 Michael Hawkins
MSA-18-0015: Web service core_course_get_categories may return invisible categories 0 Michael Hawkins
MSA-18-0014: Privacy data exports include log data 0 Michael Hawkins
MSA-18-0012: Portfolio script allows instantiation of class chosen by user 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-18-0011: User who did not agree to the site policies can see the site homepage as if they had full site access 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-18-0010: User can shift a block from Dashboard to any page 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-18-0009: Portfolio forum caller class allows a user to download any file 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-18-0008: Users can download any file via portfolio assignment caller class 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-18-0007: Calculated question type allows remote code execution by Question authors 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-18-0006: Suspended users with OAuth 2 authentication method can still log in to the site 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-18-0005: Unauthenticated users can trigger custom messages to admin via paypal enrol script 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-18-0004: XSS in calendar event name 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-18-0003: Privilege escalation in quiz web services 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-18-0002: Setting for blocked hosts list can be bypassed with multiple A record hostnames 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-18-0001: Server Side Request Forgery in the filepicker 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-17-0021: Students can find out email addresses of other students in the same course 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-17-0020: Admins may not know that exposing vendor directory is a security risk 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-17-0019: user_can_view_profile() incorrectly assumes $course as shared course 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-17-0018: Course reports are not respecting group settings in courses 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-17-0017: XSS in contact form on "non-respondents" page in non-anonymous feedback 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-17-0016: Authentication bypass vulnerability with old CAS servers 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-17-0015: Course creators are able to change system default settings for courses 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-17-0014: Course overview block reveals activities in hidden courses 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-17-0006: User fullname disclosure on user preferences page 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-17-0013: Missing permission check when adding forum post attachments in Web Services 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-17-0012: CSRF in number of courses displayed in the course overview block 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-17-0011: Searching of blogs possible without capability to do it 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-17-0010: External blog editing takeover 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-17-0009: XSS in attachments to evidence of prior learning 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-17-0008: XSS in evidence of prior learning 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-17-0007: Global search displays user names for unauthenticated users 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-17-0005: SQL injection via user preferences 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-17-0004: XSS in assignment submission page 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-17-0003: PHPMailer vulnerability in no-reply address 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-17-0002: Incorrect sanitation of attributes in forums 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-17-0001: System file inclusion when adding own preset file in Boost theme 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0026: When debugging is enabled, error exceptions returned from webservices could contain private data. 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0025: Capability to view course notes is checked in the wrong context 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0024: Non-admin site managers may accidentally edit admins via web services 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0023: Question engine allows access to files that should not be available 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0022: Web service tokens should be invalidated when the user password is changed or forced to be changed 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0021: Unenrolled user still receives event monitor notifications even though they can no longer access course 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0020: Text injection in email headers 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0019: Glossary search displays entries without checking user permissions to view them 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0018: CSRF in script marking forum posts as read 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0017: Course idnumber not protected from teacher restore 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0016: User can view badges of other users without proper permissions 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0015: Information disclosure of hidden forum names and sub-names. 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0014 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0013: Users are able to change profile fields that were locked by the administrator 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0012: External function mod_assign_save_submission does not check due dates 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0011: Add no referrer to links with _blank target attribute 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0010: Enumeration of category details possible without authentication 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0009: CSRF in Assignment plugin management page 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0008: External function get_calendar_events return events that pertains to hidden activities 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0007: Non-Editing Instructor role can edit exclude checkbox in Single View 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0006: Hidden courses are shown to students in Event Monitor 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0005: Reflected XSS in mod_data advanced search 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0004: XSS from profile fields from external db 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0003: Incorrect capability check when displaying users emails in Participants list 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0002: XSS Vulnerability in course management search 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-16-0001: Two enrolment-related web services don't check course visibility 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0046: Choice module closing date can be bypassed 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0045: SCORM module allows to bypass access restrictions based on date 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0044: Capability to view available badges is not respected 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0043: Web service core_enrol_get_enrolled_users does not respect course group mode 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0042: CSRF in lesson login form 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0041: XSS in flash video player 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0040: Student XSS in survey 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0039: CSRF in site registration form 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0038: DDoS possibility in Atto 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0037: Possible to send a message to a user who blocked messages from non contacts 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0036: XSS in grouping description 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0035: Rating component does not check separate groups 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0034: Vulnerability in password recovery mechanism 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0033: Meta course synchronisation enrols suspended students as managers for a short period of time 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0032: Users can delete files uploaded by other users in wiki 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0031: Teacher in forum can still post to "all participants" and groups they are not members of 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0030: Students can re-attempt answering questions in the lesson 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0029: Javascript injection in SCORM module 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0028: Possible XSS through custom text profile fields in Web Services 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0027: Capability 'mod/forum:canposttomygroups' is not respected when using 'Post a copy to all groups' in forum 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0026: Possible phishing when redirecting to external site using referer header 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0025: Capability to manage own files is not respected in Web Services 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0024: User with suspended enrolment can see sections in the navigation tree 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0023: Suspended user is able to login when confirming email 0 Marina Glancy
MSA-15-0022: Potential XSS risk when returning text entered by student from Web Services 0 Marina Glancy