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Student tracking

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Student tracking

I am deciding on using Moodle for a project or not.

It seems to be possible to track the students activities, but i can not find any documentation or examples on how (the demo is not clear on this either).

Can anyone tell me what kind of tracking is available (e.g. tracking of tests done, parts read, number and moment of login, logintimes, etc). and if possible a few screenshots on how this looks would be great!

Thanks very much!

Wouter Baars

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Re: Student self-tracking

My favorit project-tool is the course format from this discussion:

It allows you:

  • to make a phases-work-breakdown for a project
  • agree with your students on the deliverables (individual assignments)
  • see it as a topics format, where you turn a card (or section) to change it from a topic to a phase
  • in section zero a real GANNT-chart will appear
  • assignments will be visible on the chart
  • you still can organise group activities in the phases without polluting the Gantt chart
  • you can zoom-in zoom-out for the timeline
  • colorss identify the status of the deliverables
  • a time-slider marks the current day in the timeline
  • students can view/manage their own activities, you are their coach..


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