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Multidisciplinary assessments

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Multidisciplinary assessments

Hi everyone, everything ok?

I'm new to the Moodle world, and I'm trying to develop a plugin for my college TCC

What I need to develop are multi-disciplinary assessments, but college needs something very specific.

Here are the details of what I need:

The teachers create the questions (this is already available in moodle, so I do not think I need to do this).

The teacher somehow (I still can not think exactly how) will inform the moodle system that the question will participate in multi-disciplinary assessments.

After the teacher informs that the question will be part of the multidisciplinary assessments, this question will pass to a status of "Waiting for response from the NDE (Núcleo de ensino estruturante)" or "STC (Structuring Teaching Core)".

The NDE will approve or disapprove this question if:

4.a. Approve, this "okay", nothing happens.

4.b. Disapproved, this question will be returned to the teacher  with feedback from the NDE, so the teacher will correct what the NDE asks for.

Note: In addition, I'm wanting to add levels of questions, but that's still for the next step.

Well guys, in a first moment, what I needed is:

If there is already a multidisciplinary evaluation plugin, if so, which one? Because I really searched and did not find anything like this.

If it does not exist, someone please  could help me where I research how to do the plugin, some video on youtube, or some course showing me step by step how to do this. In fact I followed a tutorial of the site itself here in moodle, which showed how to create a plugin of type "mod", I created this plugin and managed to get it installed, but I could not see it working.

From now on I thank the attention of you guys,


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Re: Multidisciplinary assessments
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I'm confused...

You talk about "multidisciplinary assessments". I can barely spell it, never mind know what it means... what is it?

However, your specification is that questions can be approved and then removed or rejected. Is that it? Does the multi-thingy part imply anything extra to that?

Are you talking about quiz questions?

I don't think you need to develop anything. Just create a quiz bank of "pending approval" questions and then move them to an "approved" question bank as required.

Just in general, if you are going to use technical terms / initialisms and so on from your specialist area, please give us a brief explanation. Most/many of us will not know what you are talking about.  

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Re: Multidisciplinary assessments

Hi Howard Miller, how are you? First of all, thank you for responding.

Sorry if I was not clear. A multidisciplinary assessment is a

 institutional framework consisting of multiple choice issues

related to all subjects in which the student is enrolled in the

current semester. Here in Brazil, we use this exam as

a way to assess student performance throughout the semester

and also as a way to prepare you for the ENADE (National Student Performance Exam) tests, council tests and future competitions.

Today the college already uses the moodle system and works perfectly, there are already some banks of questions registered by the college, which does not exist is this examination of various disciplines. The exam I believe I can do by creating a simple quizz, that's not exactly my problem.

My real problem is 2:

1st: Questions can not simply enter into multi-disciplinary assessment. They need to pass a certain validation, by a group of several teachers, and this group accepts or refuses the teacher who created the question. What I wanted to know is how can I make the teacher who is creating the question point out that this question will compose the multi disciplinary assessment and how can I create a status for the question stating whether it is actually approved or not;

2nd: I want to add a level to the questions: easy, medium and difficult.

Ps :. To summarize, I think what I really need is a plugin to add a new group to the question log.

[x] This question is part of the multi-disciplinary assessment

  When this checkbox is selected, show:

           Question Status: XXX

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