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SCORM content won't download to Moodle app

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Re: SCORM content won't download to Moodle app
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Thank you Jan,

we've received it fine.

First of all, I've been asking around and we didn't receive any email from EasyGenerator, so I'm not sure to which address did they send the email :/

I've been testing the SCORM and I found several issues:

  1. The SCORM loads some external resources from and For security reasons, the app has a strict Content Security Policy that blocks these requests. Adding a exception to handle these resources (and some more) can cause security issues in the app. Also, even if we added an exception the SCORM wouldn't work in offline. This can be easily solved by EasyGenerator: they should include those resources in the SCORM itself instead of requesting them from an external source.

  2. In Android there's an error loading the colors.css file (it's a LESS file even if it's called css). This seems to be working fine in browser and in iOS, I'm not sure why it fails in the Android app, but we can't debug it more because the less.min.js file is minified. Here's the error:

    'file:///.../css/colors.css?v=1538574420743' wasn't found (0)
        @   less.min.js?v=1538574420743:13

  3. Both the Android and iOS app are displaying this error in console:

    TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'd.manifest.defaultTemplateSettings.languages')

    This seems to be an internal error in the SCORM.

Please send this info to EasyGenerator so they can take a look. If they want to contact us they should use the mail

Kind regards,


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Re: SCORM content won't download to Moodle app

Thank you so much for the analysis! I've sent it to them.

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