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custom app with preloaded content?

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custom app with preloaded content?

Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone has thought about or know from experience: is it possible to preload content (page and quiz activities) wholly contained within an Android .apk? Or can the app refer to local content on disk? Imagining a scenario of completely offline curriculum sideloaded onto Android phones. A long shot, but love to know more!

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Re: custom app with preloaded content?
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Hi Tim,

right now the app isn't prepared to have preloaded content. The app uses the device file storage to store files, but in order to find those files they need to be referenced in the app's database (SQLite in Android/iOS, WebSQL in desktop apps). This database also has the rest of the info (like the quiz data, attempt summary, etc.).

So right now to have preloaded content you'd need to fill the database from the app's code using a custom app.



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Re: custom app with preloaded content?


We have a similar requirement as Tim’s and Sandra’s ( with some added queries/featuresin the wish list.

We are using Moodle and the mobile app for a financial literacy program in India for the village-level ‘Bank Sakhi’ (roughly translated as Bank Lady-Friend) Certification. The Bank Sakhi is a village lady who will facilitate spread of banking and financial services in her village and get her fellow-villagers to subscribe to various government, bank and other fin services. Module 1 of this purely-online certification is now live in Indian local languages (Assamese and Hindi) in India’s remote eastern state of Assam. Go-live in North and Western India shall follow shortly. The Sakhis complete the certification purely on the android-based smartphone.

However, as cellular coverage in remote regions is not uniform and of high quality, we encourage them to download the SCORMs and other courseware when they are in range of a good Wi-fi. As part of the Certification, they take up exercises which requires them to upload photos and videos as proofs of having completed the tasks.

We would want to pre-load the complete Certification on a micro-SD card and distribute these SD cards to them so that they don’t need to download the whole courseware. We anticipate that the total Certification package size will be upto 1 GB. An additional requirement is - Would pre-loaded SCORMs and other material downloaded under one login be accessible under another login?

We noted that Sandra’s interaction was almost a year old and MOBILE-2218 is marked priority Minor. Is there any timeline assigned when this will be included in the app? Do share update.

Thanx in advance, Manoj

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