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Privacy API. Store or not to store...

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Privacy API. Store or not to store...

Hello everyone, 

I'm building enrolment plugin and got stuck a bit with implementing Privacy API.

I would be very grateful if someone can clarify it a bit for me. 

So I created plugin for synchronizing our client Moodle enrolment information with our database
So when student tries to enrol to the course we ask him to pay and than plugin sends this data to our server where we store information about payment and his enrolment. So plugin creates record in user_enrolments table and send data to our server from user and user_enrolment tables. 
1) So in get_metadata I mentioned user_enrolment table where plugin stores data.
What about user table? We get information from there to link payment to user. Do I need to mention it as well?

2) What about data delete request. When someone wants to delete his/her data. What should happen? Plugin needs to delete user_enrolments and user record in Moodle and from our server? 

Again, would be glad to get some help here. 

Kind regards,


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