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Ansible and Subutai - or how are you deploying moodle 2nd episode

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Ansible and Subutai - or how are you deploying moodle 2nd episode
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this is a new topic related to "How are you deploying Moodle" that  was closed by inactivity.

My reason to bring back this discussion is because I was investigating the deploy of Moodle on the Subutai peer-to-peer cloud platform.

In Subutai everyone can write a blueprint for a product (Moodle in my case), that in essence is a superset of an Ansible Playbook to deploy the product in one or more containers that run on peers (that are computers of other people offering processor memory and disk). With the blueprint, Subutai shows the needed variables for users on the setup process, that are mapped to ansible variables.

The Subutai also has an internal economy system to earn GoodWill and pay peers in GoodWill (maybe someon from MoodleNet could get some ideas on this point).

With all that, I started a Moodle Blueprint for Subutai ( and then was alerted that there is this concept of "roles" that are like "templates" on Ansible that you can re-use on your project.

At the "Ansible Galaxy" there are 6 different Moodle roles with different characteristics (moodle version, nginx Vs apache, mysql Vs postgres VS mariadb, ubuntu Vs debian Vs fedora Vs ... ).

Is someone playing or maintaining those things? Is someone interested in help on writing the blueprint ?

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