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How to configure Airnotifier

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How to configure Airnotifier


recently i started to work on airnotifier .cause we have customised app we need to have our local airnotifier, i've installed it successfully but really i don't know how to work with it. unfortunately it doesn't have even a complete documentation. would you please guide me? really it's too confusing

for more information i've done these steps:


2.getting project number from google cloud platform

3.changing config.json the app

5.change settings in plugin part of site administarion airnotifier UI there wasn't any token so we wrote a script to add token

7.while broadcasting there isn't any notification

where am i wrong?

thanks for your regards

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Re: How to configure Airnotifier
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I moved your post to a new discussion, please don't add unrelated posts to the new app discussion.

Unfortunately our core team do not have the resources here to help people use the open source code version to build custom apps. We provide a service where we can customise the app for anyone who needs it including the Push notifications (Airnotifier) service management. This service helps fund the improvement of the app in general:

I’d recommend you to check the documentation links that are available in the Forum main page or hopefully somebody else in this forum will be able to help you

Kind regards,


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