Student and teacher gradebook view different totals

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Student and teacher gradebook view different totals


I have a gradebook set up with a category that uses "Natural" aggregation method and it has a bunch of activities, some marked as extra credit. The total non-extra credit points are 315, but of course with extra credit activities, students may earn more. I'm confused because when I view the gradebook, I see the student's grade constrained to the maximum point value for the category (315). However, when the student looks at their gradebook, they see their total points, including extra credit earned, and that causes their overall percentage in the course to be higher than what I see (and want). 

I'm attaching screenshots of what I see and what the student sees. 

What setting(s) do I need to change to make it so that we all have the same consistent view of the grades?

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Re: Student and teacher gradebook view different totals

Hello Nadeem

Check the Grade Administration > Setup > Course Grade Settings tab > Overview Report.  If the Hide Totals if They Contain Hidden Items is set to Show Totals Excluding Hidden Items, then the student and instructor view of the course total can be different.

Hope this helps,