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wechat - integration

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wechat - integration


as we have a platform visited by Chinese student we ponder on

using webchat(-api). Most of all in order to let them log in

more conveniently (i.e.).

Now 2 questions:

1.) Can you get started on how to set up a feature on a Moodle platform

     that allows users to log in via wechat? I have a wechat account

     What are the technical requierements ? implementation of oauth2 etc.

     How tos, summary of basic steps.

2.) What are your experiences concerned with the wechat - integration ?

     Benefits, best practises, risks etc.

Looking forward to your comnents.


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Re: wechat - integration
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you can always force the users to log-in in the Mobile app using the Moodle web version authentication system, it is explained here:

Basically, the mobile app will open a browser pointing to your Moodle site log-in page and once the user is logged the app will be launched back with the user already logged-in

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