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Download File Size and Warnings

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Download File Size and Warnings

Hi there,

I have two questions please:

1 -  is there a way to configure the app so that the content displays a file size to the user prior to download? This would include scorm.

2 - I note in my app install that the scorm files show a warning prior to entering  "This SCORM is not downloaded. It will be automatically downloaded when you open it" ...however other files such as PDFs just have an 'Open the file' button with no warning that the content is downloaded onto the phone.

We are trying to warn users in advance of opening content that files may be quite large. Any advice about how to optimise the content or user journey without detriment to the desktop site, would be much appreciated.


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Re: Download File Size and Warnings
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Hi Michelle,

this is an interesting question, I think that right now the only thing you can do is just to try to put in the resources or activities description the amount of data that will be downloaded.

About 2, yes, you are right. I think we should improve that. We thought that adding this notice in the SCORM package was necessary because SCORM packages are usually heavy (in size)

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