Apache requests using IE11

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Apache requests using IE11
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Hello all

Last time our moodle platform had problems with the mysql database. This was because there were too many connections. 

Now we analyzed our problem and have noticed, that when someone uses the IE11 to access a wiki, and this wiki has a embedded video, there are starting a lot of requests for this file (*.mp4). With the Chrome/FF they're about 4-5 less mysql connection started.

Active SQL connections when accessing a wiki:

  • Chrome/FF: ~5-7
  • IE11: ~25

In the apache logs i've seen that the called files are the draftfile.php and the pluginfile.php. Normally with the Chrome/FF they're only opened 1-2 times. With the IE instead there are > 30 requests...

Have someone other the same problems?

Kind regards

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