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Bypassing Conditional Activities

Gordon McLeod
Bypassing Conditional Activities
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I thought I'd share this with the community as something to watch out for when restricting access to content using conditional activities. On one of our programmes, access to each topic section of the course is controlled week-to-week by taking a quiz. A member of staff had been checking activity logs and discovered a few students accessed content before they should have been able to see it. I eventually worked out that if you go into the gradebook (as a student), even if the section isn't yet available, any unhidden quizzes are shown as links. Clicking on those fulfils our conditional activity requirement (view rather than achieve grade). Our solution has been to add a date based Restrict Access (hidden) setting to the end of week quizzes - which means they don't show up in the gradebook until the date they should be available from.

Regards, Gordon.

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Re: Bypassing Conditional Activities
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Hi Gordon,

Within the Quiz activity, there's also an option to open/close a quiz at a specific date and time. This should also prevent students accessing activities before they should. Without these settings, it is possible to access any visible activity from the grade report as you have described.

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