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Briefing Documents & Delivery Methods

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Briefing Documents & Delivery Methods

Hi All, 

Not just a technical question, but also one on how you make use of your Moodle installation - So I hope I'm asking in the right place.

In context, we have presented our module briefs as Moodle Pages, put together using HTML templates (tables). Where this has worked well in terms of standards and styling, we get a number of issues following templates breaking by accidentally deleting a cell etc. Printing also tends to be an issue at times.

Our modules are represented as topics for an academic year (single Moodle course, many modules), with the topic summary housing the important information about the module and a description of it's content. Within the topic we then add a briefing document (Page) and all of it's related activities/resources for that module.

As a somewhat survey, How you present your important/briefing documentation through Moodle? 

  • Do you add a file, such as MS Word or PDF? 
  • Do you use an activity such as Pages or Books? 
  • Or if you have other methods of presenting your briefing content?

Any feedback is welcome.


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