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Missing files on Moodledata filesystem

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Re: Missing files on Moodledata filesystem
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Thought moosh had more then one command dealing with files .... and one did find orphans ... at one time.   File-dbcheck below? then diff a raw listing?


Provides information on size of dataroot directory, dataroot/filedir subdirectory and total size of non-external files in moodle. Outpus data in json format when run using --json option.

moosh data-stats


Go through all files in Moodle data and check them for corruption. The check is to compare file's SHA to their file names.

moosh file-datacheck


Check that all files in DB do exist in Moodle data.

moosh file-dbcheck


Search and list files from mdl_files table. The argument should be a valid SQL WHERE statement. Interesting columns of possible search criterias are: contextid, component, filearea, itemid, filepath, filename, userid, filesize, mimetype, status, timecreated, timemodified.

You can also use some special values:

  • course=NNN to list all files that relate to a course

The output will contain some defaults or nearly all possible file information if "-a|--all" flag is provided. The meaning of the flags column is (in order):

  • mdl_files.status
  • lowercase letter "d" if entry is a dicrectory
  • "e" if external file
  • "i" if a valid image
  • "m" if time created and time modified differ

With "-i" option only IDs are returned. This can be used when pipe-ing into other file-related commands.

Example 1: Show all legacy files for a course, which context id is 15

moosh file-list "contextid=15 AND component='course' AND filearea='legacy'"

Example 2: Display full information on file with ID 17

moosh file-list -a id=162

Example 3: Show all files from course 6

moosh file-list course=6

Example 4: Super-combo. Get all course files and tar/bzip2 them up.

moosh file-list -i course=2 | moosh file-path -s -r | tar -C $(moosh config-get core dataroot) -T - -cjf files.tar.bz2

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