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Loading Error on HTML5 Scorm Package in Moodle

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Loading Error on HTML5 Scorm Package in Moodle


So our business is in the process of updating all of our training modules within moodle. All of our previous SCORM packages were published as either HTML5 or both HTML5 and Flash in Captivate 8. We recently upgraded to Captivate 10 and published all our files with the same settings as just HTML5. When overwriting the HTML5 zip file in moodle that was published in Captivate 8 with these new ones that were published in 10, if a user has any progress in the modules it will not load and the spinning loading icon will continually display.

The only work around at the moment is if i publish the same module in Captivate 10 as just Flash. Then, overwrite the HTML5 Captivate 8 zip file currently in moodle with the Captivate 10 Flash version. Launch the course, then exit the course, and overwrite the Flash zip file in moodle again with the HTML5 only zip file from Captivate 10.

Basically, i would just like to know if there's a less tedious way to overwrite the Captivate 8 SCORM packages currently in moodle, with a HTML5 SCORM package from Captivate 10 that will actually load as well as track users progress if they just started, stopped part way through, or finished the module?



Thank you!

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